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These guys are the worst utility company I have ever had to deal with! They may be cheaper at the moment but it has cost me more in time than I ever would have saved in the tariff! All the people on here recommending them have to ask themselves have they ever had to deal with them for any remotely out of the ordinary.

My tale starts when I started renting a property where they (First Utility) were already the supplier. Being a tenant i dont really want to start changing things especially as they have a smart meter installed.

Anyway i moved in and told them and the first bill they raised actually billed me from the date the old tenants moved out, not when i moved in. I phoned them and they couldnt seem to get their heads around what i was telling them. maybe because they are outsourcing a lot of their customer service to Sitel. Eventually they worked it out and created another account from the actual date i moved in. I thought then that was it, but they never ever dealt with the first account so for the last 4 months i get demands for an account that wasnt mine, then I ring them which always takes 40 mins to get through then a further 30 mins to speak to the "onboarding" team. They then say they have fixed it and then the cycle starts again.

I am now being threatened with charges for a debt collection in the same week were they have sent me a cheque for £30 because they got it wrong. I have spent at least 15 hours over 10 phone calls at my expense speaking to these clueless souls trying to sort it.

As i write this i am holding on the phone listening to a rip off of Coldplay - Clocks (their hold music) for what must be the millionth time.

I know all the energy companies are currently ripping us off and these guys seem to be "the good guys" but beware!!!!

Utterly Clueless and incompetent

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