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If you value your health, do not book with Lowcostholidays!

Just returned from what should have a nice week break with the wife, only to have our holiday ruined before it started. I am not one for posting reviews on blogs etc but I am so angry that if this stops one person from booking a 'Holiday from Hell' with LCH than I have achieved something.
Alarm bells rang when, on route to the airport I received an email that LCH had transferred its business to LCH Spain and the holiday would be managed through LCH Spain; in addition I was told that this transfer meant that the ATOL certificate was now invalid and if I wasn't happy I had 7 days in which to lodge a complaint. Too late I thought as I had just checked in! But hey, what could wrong? Upon arriving at our hotel late Fri evening I was informed that I was unable to check in as the agent had not paid the hotel and were not allowed to check in until full payment had been received. Apparently I was not alone although this did little to pacify my extremely emotional wife. Although the receptionist was sympathetic to our plight she was unable to offer assistance as I tried to contact customer services on a Fri evening! I eventually got hold of CS, who to be fair were very patient with my over officious attitude, they were reluctant to deal with my complaint as I wasn't in resort. No s##t Sherlock, you didn't pay the bill. Eventually after a couple of very stressful and expensive phone calls I was able to get the CS to speak direct, in a common tongue to the hotel receptionist and eventually payment was authorised from a supervisor in Mallorca? Guess what, the computer said no! This happened a couple of times, different card numbers, same outcome. The only other option open to me and tearful wife was pay for a minimum period of 3 days whilst I pursue the issue with LCH or sleep outside. Luckily it did not come to this and I am not sure who he is or what role in LCH he has but thank you Paul Dickens for coughing up on your credit card. It should never have got to this and I will be pursuing compensation for phone calls and the emotional roller coaster your company but us through. It wasn't until the day we left that we relaxed!! Feel free to contact me to discuss further although I do expect this will happen; why change the habit of a lifetime! Holiday reference: 6458914 you have got my contact details on file. Never again and thanks for ruining what should have been a special occasion.

10 November 2013

Reply from Lowcostholidays

Good afternoon,

Thank you for the review.

We are very sorry to hear of the issues that you faced on your recent break away.

I do apologise that you was concerned about us transferring to a Spanish company but I can assure you that this did not affect your booking in any way in terms of the holiday components or the help available to you. We still have our UK office and call centre staff. All English speaking too. The level of financial protection was still the same, if not better. I can assure you that there shouldn’t have been any need to worry and it was by chance that the business was changed over the same day that you travelled. I’m sorry if this did cause concern but we did this so everyone would benefit.

I totally understand that your upset about the situation with the hotel. Anyone who goes on holiday doesn’t really need to encounter any problems and unfortunately on this occasion, there was one present. I understand that this shouldn’t happen and we are sorry that it did. I can see by looking at the notes that once you got through to our team, we were quick to resolve.

We can look into about compensating for the phone bills (I cannot guarantee anything at the moment as we haven’t investigated yet) So could you please forward your phone bill to the following email address: So we can investigate this and discuss further.

Kind regards,


10/11/2013 - 13.39

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