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First of all, their page is full of "in stock status" but fact is that many of these items are out of stock when you place your order. Then you get an automated response with all the excuses and a new date for your items to be shipped.
One of my orders have now passed the "new date" with one week and has been "in stock" all the time. You expect it to be shipped automatically on that date. Same story with my other separate order of the Vapir no.2 witch I ordered a couple of days after the first one.

I get the feeling they where just gonna leave me, hoping to "forget my order" and keep the money,
Fuck that, I don't smoke that much!!!
I will follow up on this and if they try to rip me of I'll make sure I write so much about it on all corners in three different languages until I have to buy me a new keyboard.

As a customer when you already payed normally you will think "i rather wait a couple of days instead of going through the hassle of getting a full refund(that can take weeks) and find the items for the same price.

To have fake "in stock status" for the sake of not losing customers wandering of to other competing sellers is a bad bad way of running your business.

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