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Exceptional AV

Absolute Heros who run a great company

These guys are absolutely great and its so easy to recommend them. They do their best to make the transaction perfect and any problems with maufacturers are well communicated so customers know what is going on. I dont think they could have done anything better and wish all companies were like them!


Quick delivery and amazing prices

Impressive company with quick communication, shipping and a decent website. Give them a go!

Glasses Direct

Great service and quick delivery

Friendly staff, quick delivery and great prices make this a really impressive glasses company. The prescriptionw as just within tolerance, but apparently having a slight difference on the Axis doesnt make a huge difference. Easy to recomment, just hope the high street can keep up!


Where is their communication?!

They have a completely non-existant customer services department who do not respond and give you very few details about your order. They offer a 10-12 day shipping which I assume is an upper limit, but it turns out that is the standard and they do not ship faster if they can, this is slower shipping than from a random factory in China through free shipping! I still dont know where my order is 15days later and I still dont know if it is in stock. Going to have to get in touch with my card company I fear.... What a shame they got it so wrong!

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Lovely company with great service

Friendly and efficient service with great tasting chocolates. You cant ask for more!


How do they get away with it? I will never understand!

How can a bank provide such an non-functional service and continue to survive?!

I have had several encounters with them recently, the first two resulted in me closing my account and the most recent just made me laugh. The first time was them charging me fees on several occasions but never going overdrawn and taking ages for them to accept the mistake and refund me. The second time was blocking my card and online account due to a technical issue with the way the system that attempts to detect fraud. When closing my account as a result of these problems I was told that you cannot close an account on weekends due their system not working on weekends.

More recently after closing my account I thought I would use them to change back some foreign cash (as they had quite a good rate). I spoke over the phone to them (which was a mission getting through to them) and confirmed that I could do this yesterday (Sat) and what the rate was. On arrival at the bank I queued for 15minutes only to be told their system doesnt allow foreign currency transactions on weekends.

They seriously need to sort themselves out. The grass is definitely greener if you change bank. Very happy with Co-operative at the moment.

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Quick delivery and a good price

I ordered some Oakleys from them and the price was good and delivery very fast (with good communications too). So my experience was great from this perspective. However, the Oakleys themselves seem to have a different lens in them to my last identical pair (which were stolen recently) so I am not sure what is going on given then model number is the same. Perhaps they should display information about the lens aswell as the frame?
Never mind I should have probably check this before ordering so their performance has been good.


Friendly and convenient cycle shop with a good choice of parts

Great service with friendly staff who are eager to help. Cant ask for more if you are looking to repair your bike in the Islington area.

Can get it right but in my experience have had some problems

I have made five orders with Wiggle so far and three have gone without any problems at all and they provided a good price for a good product with a useful website. However I was sent the wrong product for one of my orders and it took some time to get it replaced (and I had to chase for a refund of postage). To be honest I think they should have just sent the correct product for free, since shipping+restocking+admin were more expensive than the £3.50 item, plus it would have saved me a load of hassle. The second order was sent in a box that was in poor condition on arrival, though the product inside was ok. I know a large part of this is due to the courier (who said it looked the same at the warehouse), however I think Wiggle could have done more to package the bike pump securely.
Never mind they have always fixed their errors so you cant ask for more really.


They do most things really well but not always

Google search, mail, maps, shopping and images are all clearly the best search tools on the internet but they do get some things wrong.
Im really not a fan of google instant as it always ends up searching before I have finished typing and then takes longer to actually refresh once I have finished (as such I often turn it off).
Also Google Chrome is a great browser that is fast and efficient, but it has still got quite a few bugs in it... The downloads section is missing lots of features to allow automatic opening/saving/... of certain file types. Opening images in multiple tabs uses tons of memory and takes a loooong time compared to Firefox. Some websites do not load properly in Chrome and I often find myself switching back to firefox/IE which seem to have much better compatibility. Finally the password and sync feature is great but still missing a few tricks such as 'quick search' syncing and password encryption.


I dont think I need to say anything, they are so good

Excellent customer services who listen and have a good speed to answer. Great prices and quick delivery along with a massive collection of products and sellers. Good reviews of each item and a well structured/searchable site. The list goes on! Get involved if you havent already!


This company is absolutely shocking - avoid if possible

I have never dealt with such an unpleasant and unhelpful company. I wish I had chosen somebody else and will briefly summarise my experience.

They start off with high prices that are heavily discounted to make them enticing. Who do they think they are to charge £18000 for two cupboards and some drawers?!?! - Even discounted to £8000 this is VERY expensive for the quality delivered.

They do an assessment and sketch the design but do not put any scale on the drawings, so when it looks completely different to the drawing you dont have a leg to stand on. I appreciate doing it to scale would be very time consuming, but at least make an effort as some dimensions were a factor of two out!

When they come to install they are quite friendly which is good. They can tweak the odd edge to improve the design but generally the kits provided are quite inflexible. When the workmen leave they do not tidy up:
Wood dust left all over the place
Stickers left on the wood
Chipped edges on the cheap veneer
Very wonky cuts that do not match the wall and have to be filled with polyfiller

If you have a concern or question you have to speak to their customer services department who are the worst thing about this company. They are rude, unhelpful and very uncompromising because they think that customers are always wrong.

Be very wary of using this company as they are a complete rip-off for the quality of the work! Friends have recently used alternatives such as Hammonds or Avanti Kitchens and Bedrooms and they are in another league.


Easy to shop there and with a discount code it is good value

Delivery information is clear, though making a decision normally needs an external website as the product information is often weak.

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Cant ask for more from a betting website

Easy to use and good odds compared to the rest of the market


You pay your money to enjoy travel

Costs a little bit more (but actually not that much more) and you can guarantee there will be less going wrong than most other airlines.


It is always an unpleasant experience

Multiple flights but it never gets better. Website is shoddy, prices are set up in the most annoying fashion and the actual journey is stressful due to all the pushing/delays/lack of info/...


Just sheer quality

Ok, so you pay 15-20% more than most other retailers but you know it will all be excellent quality and very tasty. Cant ask for more really!

Delivery is fairly pricey but if you use Supersaver it is good value

Everything has always worked well and their customer service is good, though sometimes their response time is slower that I would like.

09 August 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review and comments.

We are always happy to hear of ways we can improve our customer service.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

Kind Regards
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Always flawless service and customer relations are brilliant

Easy to recommend, though also easy to spend too much money!


Great price and quick shipping

You cant ask for more from a retailer if the product is good, price is good and delivery is quick!


Awful customer service

No respect for existing customers


Simply Brilliant

A great price, followed up by excellent service and quick delivery. You cant ask for more and I look forward to ordering again.

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