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Frustrating, poor customer service

I had BT Infinity installed and found my wireless printer would not respond.
I am not technical when it comes to computers etc. so I went on My BT to try to find an answear. I did the online chat to be told that I would be called and passed on to the technical experts. The BT caller told me, with a very strong accent I found difficult to understand, that their department only dealt with broadband connection problems and he would give me the number of their Technical Experts who would charge me for their advice. I got nowhere explaining it was the router/equipment supplied by BT that was causing the problem and had to insist twice to speak to a manager who was equally difficult to understand and just as unhelpfull. When I asked for a phone number to make a complaint I was told "no such number exists" but that they would register my complaint. I said BT should provide free information on how to resolve this problem and that if people like myself knew of these problems in advance they would probably choose another provider. I am a stuborn, persistent person with limited technical ability but I went back to my printer and started pushing menu buttons and within 5 minutes had fixed the problem myself. Two lessons here for me 1. don't bother with BT again when this contract ends and
2 try harder myself before consulting "the experts"
Request to BT, as from what has been posted online this appears to be a common problem, give free advice to customers on how to resolve this sort of problem when new BT equipment is installed.

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