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They need investigating!

Someone on here recently gave this scum a positive review - apparently they offered a discount because they delivered a cooker that was scratched and when he refused he was offered a no quibble exchange - he thought they were great! My reply to this person is: You lucky, lucky man - this scum did everything possible not to honour our right of refund or exchange when they dumped a faulty cooker in our kitchen and scarpered! We had to fight tooth and nail to get our basic consumer rights. Never will I ever trust currys/knowhow scumbags again - they left me and my sick and disabled partner with nothing to cook on. I hope they rot in hell.

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Unbelievably Good - these people restored our trust!

We originally bought a cooker from Currys/PCworld which was delivered with a fault. We had only just had the cooker delivered; it had not even been wired into the mains, we found the problem five minutes after Curry's delivery men had left. We phoned Curry's premium rate 'customer services' number straight away (Curry's 'Customer Service' - what a joke!), this is when all the fun and games started!

Now we thought it would be a straight forward matter of Currys either replacing or refunding within a reasonable time - not with Curry's, they wanted the manufacturer to repair this piece of junk they'd just plonked and left in our kitchen - we did not pay top dollar for a faulty product then wait around for Currys to eventually send an engineer out to fix the thing. It was a struggle to get a refund; we were lied to, they tried to fob us off, the people in the store treated us like dirt, they tried to mislead us and deny us our statutory rights. With the help of 'Consumer Direct' we did eventually get a full refund but we were substantially out of pocket from the numerous premium rate phone calls to their customer service (that is a nightmare in itself!), petrol costs for the four journeys back and forth to their store, not to mention the microwave meals we lived on while waiting for Currys to sort their mess out. Now you can imagine after the way we were treated we had lost all trust in in these big retailers - we thought they are all going to be the same - rip off merchants. Not with AO.COM, these people were brilliant, from the moment I phoned and chatted with AO they were so friendly and reassuring, I had a cooker in perfect working order, delivered free of charge the next day (Curry's took two weeks to deliver their 'shop soiled item' - scumbags!), the two gentleman from AO.COM who delivered our new cooker were so accommodating and reassuring, they made a point of telling us when signing their docket that we were only signing for delivery not the acceptance of the cooker (which is important as Currys believe that when you sign the delivery docket that you are admitting acceptance therefore if you discover a fault after Curry's delivery drivers have gone then they try and use that against you when you ask for your legal right of exchange or refund).

Five Stars for AO.COM - we will be putting our order in for a new Fridge/Freezer and Washing Machine in the very near future. Thank you very much AO for restoring trust.


Our five page letter of complaint to Sebastion James CEO of Currys/PC world

Mr Sebastian James
Chief Executive
DSG Retail (Currys/PC World)
Maylands Ave
Hemel Hempstead

Dear Mr James

Re: Currys/PC World Aintree Liverpool - disgraceful customer service

We are writing to you because the treatment we received from your organisation has been disgraceful!

We needed a new cooker and decided to purchase one from your store in Aintree, Liverpool. From the beginning of the transaction, right up to when we were eventually refunded, we were treated appallingly: we were put under extreme pressure to take out your insurance; you supplied us with a faulty appliance then tried to have our statutory rights denied; your staff tried to mislead us, messed us around, treated us like dirt and made to us feel utterly worthless. Absolute awful experience; how your company gets away with this is beyond belief.

• On the 26/09/13 we went to Currys store in Aintree, Liverpool to buy a new cooker. We picked one out from the stock on the shop floor (my partner Judith is totally blind and needed to feel the cooker before purchasing – this was the reason why we never bought online). We were served by a lady called Marie. Marie seemed more interested in selling us your insurance cover more than anything else but we repeatedly said we were not interested. After we made the purchase and we were on our way out of the store another member of your staff sidestepped us at the exit and asked us why we had not taken out Curry’s Insurance Cover – we basically did not want it, we knew the manufacturer put 12 months warranty on the appliance anyway, if it breaks down after that then that’s our problem and we will sort it out. We finally got out the store feeling pressured and stressed.

(An update on this: today (22/10/13) we received a letter from your ‘knowhow’ team again hassling us to take out this insurance cover – we don’t even have the cooker anymore but you are still insistent on selling this to us. NO means NO Mr James – we are not interested – please back off!)

• On the 10/10/13 the cooker arrived and on initial examination it appeared perfect. But after I signed the delivery man’s docket and he went on his way taking our old cooker with him, we found it to have a fault – the oven door was jammed and would not open. On closer inspection I noticed a screw was missing and another screw was gnarled like someone had over tightened it. It looked to me like someone had already had a go at a botched repair (I have to point out that this appliance was brought into our home with no packaging – I realised now I should not have even let the delivery driver bring it in to our home but I trusted Curry’s to be a reputable company).

• As soon as we found the fault we were straight on the phone to Currys to try and get this sorted ASAP. It took 20 minutes to get through to someone at Curry’s (Phone No: 0844 561 0000). I explained the problem to the gentleman on the phone, he told me I had phoned the wrong number and that I needed to speak to the manufacturer (Belling) – I told him that I didn’t buy it from Belling, I bought it from Currys. He said I needed to speak to Belling to get the repair! No I do not – I bought this item off Currys, Currys are the one’s I am in contract with so Currys are the ones who sort this out and I certainly do not want a repair on a faulty appliance that Currys have sent out for delivery; this item should be in perfect working order. I was then told that because the item was still under the manufacturer’s warranty they have to come out to repair it – it had only just been delivered and not even installed! No I do not, I explained that under the 1979 Sale of Goods act that if the goods are not fit for their purpose I am entitled to a refund or replacement – your employee was disputing this – denying my legal right of exchange or refund, insisting I speak to Belling for a repair. Eventually your employee simply put the phone down on me! I immediately phoned ‘Consumer Helpline’ to check my rights and have this encounter with your staff recorded with them. We then went to the store in Aintree, Liverpool to try and get this resolved.

• We were at the store in Aintree Liverpool that same day; just a few short hours after this faulty appliance had been delivered. We spoke to a manager called ‘Steve.’ We told Steve what had happened, I explained to him Judith’s ill health, her kidney disease and diabetes, the delivery men had taken our old cooker away and left a faulty one and now we have nothing to cook on – Judith needs to have a special diet, it was going to be really difficult getting her food healthy for her without the ability to cook. I also told him how we now have zero trust in Currys after your staff tried to deny us out statuary rights and putting the phone down on us. Basically we just wanted our money back ASAP so we could go else where and buy another cooker. But Steve was really good, he seemed so honest and caring, he persuaded us to accept a replacement which he could have delivered first thing Monday for us. We accepted this replacement – we trusted him.

• Next day, 11/10/13 we went out the shops to buy some food to tie us over the weekend, we had nothing to cook on so we needed things we could microwave but would not be too unhealthy for Judith’s condition. When we got back from the shops there was a message on our answering machine from a staff member from your Aintree shop. Her name was Sarah – here is an exact transcript of what she said:

“Hi message for Mrs ????. It’s Sarah calling from Currys PC world. Just trying to get authorisation to do an exchange on the cooker for you. However, Belling have recommended we just send an engineer if it’s just a screw missing from the door then it’s just a simple job, a lot easier than having to do an exchange for you, messing around for yourself. They’ve booked it in for Tuesday but if that’s not available for yourself, give the store a call on 0151 530 3781 and we can rearrange it for you. Ok, thank you, bye.”

We still have this telephone message recorded so there is no way your staff can deny the above. We did not set out to buy faulty goods, you delivered a faulty item and we had repeatedly asked for a refund but in acquiescence, we accepted a replacement, we trusted your manager Steve – then after the exchange was agreed and organised Curry’s arranged for Belling to repair it instead – absolutely scandalous!

• We now have had enough; we wanted the refund we asked for in the first place, we were prepared to involve trading standards and ready to take Currys to a small claims court to get our money back.

We were straight up to the shop and we asked for Steve but Steve was not available but another manager availed himself (I’m afraid I did not catch this gentleman’s name). We told this manager what we had been through and now we were here to demand a full refund. The initial dialogue with this gentleman was not encouraging:

He asked did we sign for the item when it was delivered, I replied yes we did. He said you are aware that when you signed you were accepting the item and you should have checked the item over. I said I gave it the once over, there were no obvious dents, bumps, bangs or scrapes – the cooker appeared fine. He said you should have checked it over properly. I asked if he was insinuating that it would affect my legal right for a refund. He said no. I said can I have please a full refund then please.

N.B. According to Trading Standards:
“You are entitled to a reasonable time to examine the goods after delivery - signing a delivery note does not mean you are accepting that the goods conform to the contract.”

It was agreed we were entitled to a refund. We did not get any apologies, there was a complete lack of empathy or understanding; it was obvious your staff don’t give a damn about their customers.

It was a lady called ‘Veronica’ (Ronnie on her name badge) who processed the refund. She told us we could not get any money back until the cooker was picked up and that would be Monday. I told Veronica that I was not happy with the way we have been treated and that I would like to write to her Chief Executive. I asked her for her CEO’s name and address, she said she didn’t know it! She didn’t even know the name of her chief executive - maybe you should introduce yourself to your staff!

• The cooker was collected just before 5pm on Monday (14/10/13). We were told you could not put the money back in to the bank until the next day. Tuesday (15/10/13) we went up to your store get our money, it was a farce! A gentleman by the name of Richard processed the refund: First problem – Veronica had not given us the correct paperwork so we were missing an important reference number; second problem - after waiting 15 minutes while Richard tried to phone another department of Currys, the phone broke just as he got through, another 15 minute wait while Richard phoned them again on another phone; third problem - Richard was unable to scan our receipt because the hand held bar code scanner stopped working. And while all this was going on, Veronica was standing behind Richard rolling her eyes. If you can understand, our stress levels were going through the roof – we thought we were never going to be refunded, especially looking at the deadpan face on Veronica, rolling her eyes and looking totally fed-up, it was not encouraging.

I knew Judith was not feeling too good and I kept asking her if she was ok – it was obvious to anyone seeing her she was not feeling great standing there for half an hour whilst your staff tried to process a simple refund. Nobody offered Judith a chair to sit on or enquired if she was ok (as well as being totally blind, Judith is very ill with chronic kidney disease and diabetes).

• Almost an hour after we arrived in the store we finally got our refund. There were no apologies or attempted recompense. Yes, we were relieved we had finally been refunded but what we were put through to get our money back; how people had spoke to us and looked at us, made us feel utterly worthless, it was not an experience we would ever like to repeat. We trusted you to supply us with goods fit for the purpose and you supplied us with a faulty item, you were completely unhelpful and tried to deny us our statutory rights. We were now left with no cooker; you stressed us, and left us angry and bitter.

We will not be shopping at Currys/PC world again; in fact we will be actively boycotting this store. We will also be writing to the BBC’s Watchdog program to have our experience of shopping in your store highlighted – I think people should realise what they are letting themselves in for before entering a Currys/PC World shop – terrible experience.

Yours sincerely

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