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They get by!

I love a lot of the clothing you find in Primark. Cheap and cheerful, that's all it's about... and in that department, they definitely pass 100%. Sure, a lot of the clothing does seem to fall apart pretty sharpish, but that's not always the case.

Customer service is something they might want to work on. I've met many bright happy people in Primark, but I've also met some seriously rude and angry people who need to learn that when you come to work, you put your game face on and just deal with it.



Nowadays, customer service matters. It's a top priority. Go to any company and they'll tell you the same thing that I'm telling you. People matter, simple as - if you don't make them happy, give them what they want, who is going to buy your products?

I'm not a fussy person. I'm normally extremely tolerant of bad customer service because I figure, the workers behind those tills are just like you and me, they're people. They have bad days and good days. What if I caught them on a bad day? They don't deserve more grief.

But today, I was utterly disgusted by the way a member of your staff not only treated me, but treated another.

I stood in the queue at around ten to three, 13/11/2013 and was served by a woman who looked 40+ ... maybe if she had smiled, she might have looked younger, but instead her face was twisted into a sour expression that instantly made me feel uncomfortable.

I watched, appalled as an elderly lady asked her for another bag. Your member of staff had shoved all this lady's stuff into one flimsy bag and it already had a rip in it. She refused point blank and in a rude, loud voice kept telling this lady that "YOU'LL BE FINE LOVE, DOESN'T MATTER." The lady kept pointing at the hole in the bag, asking in the nicest way for another bag, until your member of staff finally yanked all her stuff out and was quite rough about it, shoving it all into another bag before sending the lady on her way.

After she quickly served another lady, this time with less fuss because it was one item, I put my stuff on the counter. She instantly snapped at me and told me to put my things in the basket to the side. I've been into the store quite a few times and for quite a few years and I've never, ever been refused service until my items were in the basket.

But without a protest, I simply said "okay" and put it in the basket. She was then, like with the lady before, quite rough with my stuff and shoved it all into one bag, even though my items were straining. I decided not to push my luck and ask for another bag.

I am definitely not used to such an aggressive display of behaviour when I had done nought wrong. I won't lie when I say this woman made me feel nervous and uncomfortable, not to mention anxious.

She demanded the money off me and I handed it to her without a word. I was too nervous that I might set her off.

I muttered a quiet "thank you" as I turned away only to have her start SCREECHING in a loud, penetrating voice "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Over and over again, clearly mocking me in such a horrible way, making me look and feel like a complete fool in front of the other customers and people she worked with.

Lord only know what she would have said once I left.

I truly felt humiliated and embarrassed, not to mention furious. I'm sorry but how dare she talk to anyone in such a way? I had done nothing wrong. She was in a foul mood and took it out on me and an elderly lady for no good reason - and who knows how many other customers had to deal with her rudeness?

If you go to the store that I work in and talk to ANY of my regular customers, each and every one of them will tell you the same thing. That I'm the loveliest, chattiest person in the world. I can happily talk for all of England and I'm friendly to everyone, without a doubt and I could never, ever be so rude to someone like that. As a matter of fact, if I had even dared to mock a customer like that behind their back, I would have gotten into far more trouble than imaginable.

I believe customer service truly matters. It's been drilled into my brain ever since I started working in my store, it's the most important thing without a doubt.

So when I go to other stores, I don't expect to be talked to in such a way. It was vile, disgusting and childish behaviour - a grown woman should not ever talk or act like that towards people!

In my opinion she saw that I was young and assumed I was being rude, not that I was actually quite scared of her aggressive behaviour - considering that she seemed about to fly off the handle any second. So she decided that she could talk to me however she liked and that nothing would happen.

I did nothing to be talked to in such a manner and I want something to be done about this!

No person should be treated the way I was today, or how that lady was treated. Ridiculous and despicable behaviour.

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