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After several failed attempts to even get a response from Hertz customer service, I decided to add my bit to the series of Hertz complaints.

Honestly, I gave up on them and will never rent Hertz again. I just want to make this public hoping to contribute to preventing similar abuses by this company.

So here is the story.

I hired the car for use on our family holiday in Scotland. I picked it up at Glasgow International Airport on August 2 and returned it on August 23.

The person checking the car on my return said she found two damages on the car; scratches on the side surface of the front left tire and a small chip near the center bottom of the windscreen. She said the tire need to be replaced and the windscreen chip could be fixed.

Seeing how small and harmless the scratches are on the tire, I objected and told her it would not need replacing and such scratches should be considered normal wear and tear of rentals. She said they could not rent it like that and everything must be in "perfect condition" (her exact words.)

I wanted to see her supervisor. She phoned the supervisor up and she came down.

She checked the tire and the windscreen and concurred with her junior colleague that the tire needs replacing. But now, she said the windscreen needed to be replaced as well. When I objected to that, she said the chip was "spidering" and when it becomes like that they need to replace it.

Now, finding myself even in a worse situation than before, I got quite distressed and I tried to argue that the damages are not that severe but it seemed to go nowhere. I was beginning to get nervous about missing our flight. Then the supervisor suggested to have second opinion about the damages and contact me with result. I gave her my contact number and email address and left the Hertz office, rushing off to catch our flight.

A few hours later, I got an email from her. She said the tire did not need replacing and was ok to rent as it was with no damage charges on me. But the windscreen needed to be replaced because the chip is too close to the thermal border along the bottom of the screen.

All this seems like rather random attemts at ripping off whatever they can from customers. One person says it's the tyres, other says tyres are ok but I need to pay for the windscreen.

I tried to contact Hertz several times since then both my email and through their web contact forms. With no result. After three attempts someone emailed me to say that they had no records of my previous contacts and asked my the details. I sent the details. Again, total silence.

That'll definitely be the last time I rent from Hertz.

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