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The worst customer service I've ever encountered

I've been lucky enough to live in Singapore, the US, Australia and the UK - and have dealt with multiple service providers in all those countries. BT's level of customer service, and their inability to let the customer communicate with the actual installation company put them on their own pedestal.

I booked a BT installation date, and was told they could come the following Tuesday, 6 days later. On late friday afternoon I had a missed call from BT and was told my order was cancelled. I called someone later that evening and was transferred 3 times over 45 minutes invested. I was told that the system can't accept bookings made less than 7 days in advance (surely the person making the booking is trained on how their system works...). However I'm told that you can't place a new order for 24 hours, but the person will call me back Saturday afternoon with a new appointment.
Saturday no call.
Sunday I call support again - over 40 minutes on the phone with no explanation for why my appointment is cancelled, and I'm told they will make a booking for me now. Eventually they tell me they can do 7 days from now (so now two weeks will have passed).
The following day, monday, I get another text saying my appointment has been moved by a further 3 days. No explanation. I call and no one can provide a reason.
Finally the enginner arrives 17 days after my initial installation request, and after about 3 hours on the phone.
2 months pass and my service stops working. I call BT (phone and broadband). Despite their 3 day service statement I'm told the next available appointment is 7 days in advance.

Overall, it seems that the company suffers from too many desks with limited responsibilities, and very little effective communication between them. In many instances I've explained for 10 minutes all of the background on my situation, and the support member says they'll explain all of that to some other desk or function that needs to be involved. The next I hear is "welcome to BT" and I invest another 15 minutes in introductory prelude. In one phone call that happened 3 times, even after I specifically ask that they provide all of this information. That's just poor laziness on the part of staff who should be removed from customer facing roles.
The fact they're booking appointments for Openreach, a separate company, means there's almost never accountability when appointments are cancelled or no-shows.
There is not a service culture, the company seems to know that most customers are too lazy to switch service providers.
Their CEO has clearly focused on cost cutting and probably made a bad situation even worse from both a resourcing and morale standpoint.
While I read various reports that "they're all just as bad" I would strongly advise people to deal with a smaller company more focused on customer satisfaction which should drive considerable market share gains over time. I'll certainly be switching to try Virgin or Sky or another when the contract is up.

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