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Hi i have been using this company for about 7 years and initially found them to be very useful in finding tenants
however after numerous website adjustments and their absolute refusal to give honest move dates i am now completely fed up with their inability to be honest and open.

you will notice that nearly all the adverts from tenants looking for rooms show their desired move in date as TODAY'S date............this is ludicrous and completely untrue and completely useless for landlords to work with............clearly a move in date is essential information so you can target your responses to those who are looking to move around the time your room becomes vacant,

I have asked on many occasions for them to take accurate move dates from advertising tenants even suggesting to them they do not allow the tenant registration process to continue until a tenant has given a genuine and realistic date- but they say they cannot be responsible for this simple and important action. they say many tenants do not tell them their move date...........well EASYROOMMATE - INSIST that they do or DO NOT REGISTER them !- ok ? SIMPLES !

they also keep tenants adverts on the site for months after they have already found rooms (in order for their site to look more busy with searching tenants- which is better for their advertising revenue streams and landlords signing up think it is a really busy site) and so you keep mailing them in case they are still looking- it just wastes our time- infuriating ! having no real idea if the person you are mailing is still looking for a room or not- drives me mad personally !!

they should adjust the site so tenants looking have to positively click a button saying something like ''continued interest in my search'' on a weekly basis so the site is kept upto date and useful- they can surely monitor if people are not using the site and also send out an email to say ''you have not used the site for x days/weeks if you want your profile to stay active please log in and confirm you are still looking or your search account will be suspended''- but oh no something like this is too hard for them :(
They have no intention of changing their site so that they and we landlords know who is still looking and who has found somewhere or given up the search.

I cannot tell you how much time i have wasted on this infuriating site over the years targeting potential tenants who are unavailable to move on the dates my rooms are becoming available or only to hear they found a room months ago.

I have mailed them countless times asking for these 2 fundamentally important factors to be included and amended on their website and all i get are pathetic responses that they will look into it with their website team


02 December 2013

Reply from Easyroommate

Dear Zon,

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have recently experienced with EasyRoommate.

I would like to express my gratitude towards you for being a loyal customer for the last 7 years and also take the time to provide us with such valuable feedback. We can assure you that over this period the website has undergone significant design and functionality changes, where we believe the changes are made to significantly improve the user experience.

However, I am very sorry to hear that you feel that your comments have not been taken on board. Our Customer Service agents collate and pass on feedback into the relevant department, where we evaluate each enquiry individually to understand how it could potentially benefit our user experience, and we then prioritise the development work. We can assure you that we try to work through all the feedback we receive as quickly as possible, and I would like to apologise for any delays here.

With regards to the issue you have raised for the tenants’ moving date, at present, we do ask all our users to enter a valid moving date when they register. Once the moving date has been reached, the profile automatically sets up to today’s date automatically. Therefore, we understand your frustration here as it may not be realistic. We have implemented systems in place to automatically remove adverts when a user is not active on the site. We send two email reminders which asks all users to confirm if they are still interested in their search for a room. If no action is taken following the reminders, their profile is removed from the website. However, based on your feedback, I will make it an immediate action to review this process in further detail to improve the freshness and quality of content on our website.

I would like to thank you again for your feedback and the team at EasyRoommate are working hard behind the scenes to improve our user experience. I would like to personally contact you and take you through some of the website changes we are currently working on behind to scenes, and to provide you with regular feedback on the progress of the ideas you have suggested. I would also like to take this time to discuss any further ideas you may have that would offer you the best flatshare experience on EasyRoommate.

Please could you send your contact details to and we can arrange a time to speak at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,

General Manager

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