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Bad first experience, ive opted to stay with sky!

I had wanted to switch from sky to plusnet because they had a slightly cheaper deal on with phone and fibre optic broadband, but from the first experience of plusnet as a company ive decided to stay with sky. I was suppost to have an engineer turn up and got told two days before he wasnt coming as had a problem with the fiber failing?? So got told itwouldbe another week before an engineer would come to sort internet and what a suprise never turned up and was never informed. So rang plusnet again which involved another 30min wait for an advisor!! After thati didnt give them a chance to mess me around again. I rang both sky and plusnet at same time, one off mobile and one house phone. I got through to sky within 4min and i sorted the whole process of going back to sky whilst still on hold to plusnet before anyone answered the call. The same happened to two of my friends who moved to plusnet with the same excuses they fed me about engineers and broadband fibre failing whatever that means. So im glad to say im back with sky and upgraded to the fibre broadband with them. I would avoid plusnet altho im paying a little extra in costs for phone and internet i now dont have to wait 30/40 min to getan advisor and im with a company that comes on the agreed date and dont get messed around....the grass was not greener on the other side as they say!

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