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Pretty good site.

It is a good site for people who are visiting scotland on holiday and looking for the best things to see, things to do and places to stay. The site has a fairly simple design with a few videos giving an idea of the best places to visit if touring Scotland.


No complaints

We bought a complete shower unit from showershop the service was very speedy (two days) and after 4 months we have no complaints about the product - thankyou.


The best - but not suitable for youngsters..

Its the best video sharing site on the internet. It is well supervised so any dodgy videos should not stay on there for long. There is a large selection of videos on any subject, some funny, some sad, lots of music videos and some that are complete rubbish. Whatever your tastes they have something for you. Comments are sometimes insulting and vulgar so it is not recommended for someone under the age of 13.


A new way of shopping

Its a catalogue store on the high street.Prices are competitive with a huge selection of goods from almost every field. A bad thing about shopping at argos is that you dont get to see the items before you buy. Something which looks big in a photo might turn out to be small. You have to queue and wait for items, but not ususlly for an excessive period.


Its not the best.

In the past I have used Mcafee. But never again. I had to format my last hard drive after Mcafee let through several trojan viruses While one trojan was displaying its "you are infected" messages on the screen, I did a full scan and Mcafee couldent find anything the matter.
Also Mcaffe slows the computer down too much. Its not completely useless but there are better products on the market.

Dolphin Music

Its OK.

I bought a new amp for my guitar. It arrives within a few days in perfect condition. Often very cheap and good quality. Good range of stock. A good site on the internet for musical equipment but not the best.



My local store delivers usually on the same day or sometimes the next day. I have never had a problem using tesco. The fresh produce is always fresh with a good sell by date. As my nearest store is almost 8 miles away I find the online service very good.


Good fun

I had an account with betfair for a few years and have no complaints whatsoever. You can usually get better odds than with a bookmaker. You can even name your own price, as long as someone is willing to accept your price. As long as you are not a gambling addict it is good fun. It can be tricky to learn how to place bets if you are a novice, but once you get the hang of it it is simple.

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Byron Archpope
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Hi Im Byron.
I hope the information I have to offer will be of some benifit to people.
I will try to give good reviews unless I have a strong grievance against a particular website.