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I wouldn't even call it a VLCD - It's that good - Boosshing at it's BEST !!

This is the second time around I am doing Boossh, the first time i lost 1 stone within 2 weeks, and due to health reasons, I had to abandon the diet, and I wasn't happy about it lol, so I been on the diet now 6 days, and I feel amazing, i have bags of energy, instead of feeling exhausted around 2 pm. I have long days, in which I am up with the birds at 5:30am, and don't usually sit down till at least 7:30pm, the diet is great as it allows you to fit your circumstances around eating, I am on the 3 packs a day plan which allows me 2 snacks also, and a small high protein meal and 3 veg portions. Plus on top of this you have unlimited free items (ie Skinny Pasta,Rice,Noddles) that's just to name a few. The Food, Shakes, Takeaways meals, well everything really is so tasty, you wouldn't believe its a meal pack. The staff at Boossh, well what can i say I never met a team so in tune with there customers, sending an email, and within mins getting a real response, not an automated one. Now that's is Class in my eyes. The closed Facebook page is a must for any Boosshers as it has hundreds of people just like yourself doing the diet, I have never met such lovely people who are on there journey with you, they keep you positive, and it's quite uplifting knowing they are with you every min of the day , as there is always someone there to help you, now that is second to none. This by far is the best VLCD I have ever done, and I have done the usual one's. If your thinking about trying a low calorie diet, take a look at this page, you wont regret it , it will be the best decision you ever make, as it was for me. xXx

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18 November 2013

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Hi Cara

Thanks for taking the time to review Boossh, so pleased you are enjoying the Mealpaks, and it is great when we hear from customers who have used other VLCD's.

Happy Boosshing

Team Boossh

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