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Brilliant service and price

I have been ordering my contact lenses from for several years now and I have never had any problems. They are very competitively priced and ordering is easy. All my orders have come promptly. I would definitely recommend this site for those that are looking to buy lenses.


Great shopping experience

I was looking for some artificial flowers, with very specific dimensions. Inspirations wholesale was very competitively priced and gave detailed information about the product that allowed me to buy with confidence.

Although there wasn't much choice in delivery methods, pricing for delivery was reasonable. I ordered on a Tuesday morning and it was dispatched several hours later for next day delivery via parcel force.

The parcel was well packaged and the artificial flowers matched the product details that were provided.

A very smooth and efficient shopping experience - I would definitely use them again.


A role model for smaller online businesses

Whilst the website may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of designs, browsing for products is a simple task.
Prices are competitive, with the product being ordered being cheaper than that of
The product was dispatched promptly and was received in a very well packaged envelope.

I would definitely recommend the use of


The place to go for aprons

A nice wide selection of aprons, which I struggled to find elsewhere online. The website search tools are excellent.

The apron I ordered was of a very high quality, and certainly worth the price charged.

My one gripe is the delivery options. £2.95 for standard delivery isn't too bad, but it is a shame that the website wasn't more specific on the delivery estimate (4-7 days). I needed the order by 5 working days so for piece of mind I had to pay to get express delivery for £6.95! Delivery was fulfilled within two working days by city link.


Making a good first impression...

I have never heard of shinyshack before but when searching for a product online I found that it was selling for the cheapest price around. As I have never used them before I was a bit warey to use them but after seeing the previous review on trustpilot and thought I would give it a go.

The website is clear and straight forward, making ordering easy. The product was dispatched that day and received it the following day, with no shipping fees!

Though this is the first time ordering from shiny shack, I would definitely recommend shiny shack to other people especially if you want cheap and fast delivery.


Slow and uninformed delivery process

I bought from because of its competitive furniture costs. Navigation and placing the order was a pleasant enough experience, though their delivery process is much to be admired.

Items on the site have stock information, so when it says that a product is in stock I would have expected a quick dispatch. After a week of waiting for a dispatch notice (or a change on my account for the delivery status) I had to call customer service about where my product was. The lady I spoke to was helpful, informing me that it was dispatched the other day to the courier and from that point it could take 10 working days. I do not understand why it took a week for them to send it to the courier or the reason why they could not have kept me updated about the stage of the delivery.

The courier took the full 10 working days to deliver...

When the product arrived it was to a good standard for the price paid, but I would only suggest if you do not need your items in any hurry.

05 July 2012

Reply from Hovells

Dear Nicholas,

I am pleased to hear that you found our website pleasant and easy to navigate around.

We try to ensure that our delivery information is clear in lots of places on our website and also friendly to read. The dispatch procedure at that time was not as sharp as we would have liked it and we have worked hard to now provide a quicker turnaround time for orders leaving our warehouse. Orders which are in stock are now dispatched next day.

The carriers that we use are specialists in furniture delivery and also take great care in delivering our furniture as it should arrive in our customer’s home.

Kind Regards
Gemma Eyles
Online Sales Manager

Selffit Worktops

Wide selection of products at reasonable prices

A website that sells kitchen worktops and related items, selffit-worktops has a wide range of products that you would not normally find in high street stores. Price wise, the website is very reasonable.

Although the the product was dispatched promptly, it is a shame that there are only two delivery options (the cheapest shipping was nearly £6 but was sent using a standard royal mail delivery).

I would advise using selffit-worktops to others as it was a hassle free and straight forward experience.


Brilliant Website for Games

I have only bought from once, but my experience was very positive. The price was excellent, the delivery was prompt (with an email confirming dispatch) and the product was in good condition.

I would definitely recommend to buy games.

All round great service

Summary of my experience of using plumbworld:
1) Low prices
2) Prompt delivery
3) Tracked delivery - I was able to see when I needed to be in for delivery.
4) Well packaged
5) Great product

I would definitely use again.


Great but slow provided me carpets and fitting for a good competitive price. Though there were a few problems that meant it wasn't such a smooth process:
1) they didn't have enough fitters in my area to fit the carpet when I wanted. I was never provided dates that they could fit and hence required several calls to find an appropriate date.
2) there was further delay when they didn't have sufficient stock in of my carpet of choice, which would mean that I would have to wait an additional 2 weeks to get the carpet fitted (which was eventually resolved)

This is not to say that it was bad, just not smooth. The carpets and fitting were a good price, and to a high standard. Customer service was always friendly, they even provided me a direct line to the manager who was apologetic.

I think I would recommend as the quality and price outweighed the inconvenience of the delay. Personally I would have felt much happier with if they were willing provide a discount/compensation for the delay in service.

One of the best around

I have used Ebuyer many times and every time has been a positive experience. They provide competitively priced electrical goods, a wide range of delivery choices and good customer services. Ebuyer keeps you up to date with your order sending emails to confirm the order, payment and dispatching of the product.

One example of a good experience I had with Ebuyer:
Recently I bought a refurbished freesat box from them, after a couple days it become faulty (a common problem with the device). I used the online returns system, they sent a courier to collect it within a couple of days (free of charge) and within a week I had a new freesat box to replace the faulty one!!

A great company, I would definitely recommend.

17 June 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your good comments on, we are pleased to hear that you are happy with the experience and service provided by
If you need any further assistance or have any queries in the future please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team who will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Resolution Team


Mixing the good with the bad

First off I will have to say that I have had a mixed experiences of virginmedia. Some good others bad...

The Good
1) I have never had a problem with them taking money. They never have taken more than they are supposed to and have stopped taking money when I have finished my contract.
2) The customer service is generally friendly - one member of staff gave me his email to save the cost of a phone call.
3) If I have had problems with the service they will come out and look at it.
4) For sticking with them they have offered to waver the installation fee.

The Bad
1) Everything takes its time to be resolved: It should not take more than a couple of days for installation/repair!
2) Customer service needs to be made more streamline. Just because I need to change from a cable to a national area doesn't mean that I should speak to multiple people (and to be put on hold).
3)The customer service team need to be more transparent/knowledge about what will/will not happen. I have been told that a manager will ring me back to organise a new set up date, but after not receiving a call back, I have then been told by someone else that a manager would not be able to help.

All in all I think that the service at virginmedia is good when everything is going well. And that generally customer service is poor at a company level, but at a personal level the staff can be very helpful.

I personally would not dismiss using virginmedia, as I have had similar experiences with other internet providers. That being said if I was offered a good deal from another provider, there wouldn't be much holding me back from changing.


A Great Online Store

I have used several times to buy products from there clearance store, and I have never had any problems.

The website is very clear and easy to follow, and whilst some products in the main online store can be expensive, you can get some good deals in the clearance and outlet stores.

The products always seem to have an update stock, which means that I have never been rejected from buying a product.

I have never had problem with their payment system.

You have to pay a minimal fee for shipping (between £3-£5), which you can track the delivery status as well as being provided an estimated delivery date. Even though the products appear to come from somewhere in europe (NB: the products are in English), the delivery was speedy.

I have no problem recommending, particularly their clearance store. An all round great online store.


All round good experience

Though the website may not look like much, provided a very good service.

They were competitively priced with regards to underlay, and charged minimal delivery costs. I was able to book a delivery date, and was able to track my order. The products came intact on the date chosen.

I had no negative experiences when ordering from, and I would definitely order from them again.

09 March 2012

Reply from

Thank you and we are glad your happy and hope you will visit us again soon.Trade Priced Team.

Tile Fix Direct

Reasonably Priced Tile website

Unlike many other websites that sells Tiles (and associated products), they do not charge shipping (1-2 days) if you spend over £50, which is reasonably low.

I purchased some competitively priced backer board. They dispatched it promptly and I could track the order on the website using the TNT delivery code provided. Everything was well wrapped.

My only negative point about my order is that it would have been nice to be able to choose a day for delivery.


Good, but not great

I had no problems with dixons: they provided a cheap product and delivered the product intact on the chosen delivery day.

There were just several services that other appliance websites provide that dixons did not. Dixons did not contact me at any point (apart from confirmation email), which is fine but it is would be nice that there was an acknowledgement of the order by a person. Dixons also did not provide a detailed time slot, the best they could say was that it would arrive between 7am and 7pm, which is not convenient if you need to leave the house at some point. My final complaint is that when my washing machine arrived, they did not open and dispose of the packaging...

Like I said before, Dixons was good, and I think if it wasn't for having an outstanding service from other companies ( and I would have nothing but positive remarks.


A great experience

I ordered a fridge/freezer from they were the cheapest for the product around with no delivery charge. A friendly member of staff rang the next day to confirm my order and delivery arrangements. The day before I received a reminder text and an automated phone call so that I knew which time slot I was allocated.

The people who delivered the cooker were friendly. They unpacked and disposed of the packaging, as well as allowing me to inspect the product before signing for it.

(NB. I ordered another product from, they can in the same lorry and provided exactly the same experience)

Overall a brilliant experience. I would definitely recommend appliancedeals.


I ordered a cooker from they were the cheapest for the product around with no delivery charge. A friendly member of staff rang the next day to confirm my order and delivery arrangements. The day before I received a reminder text and an automated phone call so that I knew which time slot I was allocated.

The people who delivered the cooker were friendly. They unpacked and disposed of the packaging, as well as allowing me to inspect the product before signing for it.

Overall a brilliant experience. I would definitely recommend applianceonline.

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