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I am going to sound like some rep here, so whether one believes the review or not, they will not loose out on much to try the products out for themselves anyway, I guess. I cannot help but laugh at the folks crating their 'designer' sups around from H & B and the like, TBH I don't know how people who outweigh me by a few stone of pure muscle can afford those prices and not still know about this site. Some of the pure grade powders I have tried from here have literally fizzled/reacted in my mouth - not a bad thing, they were potent! Pharmecutical grade, straight out of the lab. Unbelievable. And some are paying for about a tenth of this same powder to be crammed into a 'designer' tub with about a toone of extra added sugar (you gain mass perhaps, not the right sort, though). Everything here at MyProtein is pure - you make your own anabolic concotions yourself. To be homest, nowerdays I only get the standard ImpactWhey, just because my money is borderline dire. As far as that Protein goes, well, it's the purest and least expenisve in the whole of Europe. I am actually a little scared of more people knowing about this site because, well, its too good really - what is the protein runs out through sheer demand? It boggles the mind that more people do not know about it. There's this one supp brand which has the slogan, like: ''winning the war against genetics'' - well, after two consistent years of training (full-body, ALL compund moves), I can definately say mine are pretty s**t, but its down to MyProtein that I am waging war against THEM!

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