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Valuable asset.

Touringscotland is one of the best sites I have used for planning my holiday travel. It gives good recommendations for the most popular tourist destinations as well as having videos and photos to give the user an insight into what Scotland has to offer. I will definately be using this site again for my next visit to Scotland.


Second best

The met-office is the governments recommended site for weather forecasts. This however does not make it the best. I find the BBC weather site is much easier to use and the screens are more to my liking. The met office site gives the weather for anywhere in the world as well as many other items concerned with the weather. Even though it is not as good as the BBC I still think that it is the second best.


respected company

Co-op travel is not just an online store, it has branches up and down the country. In fact youre better off booking at one of the branches because the website is pretty naff. Prices are very competitive. One good thing about co-op travel is that it is unlikely to go bust because it does not just specialise in holidays. Over the years people have respected the co-op for the way that it gives back to the customers.


Good Enough

I ordered a Tom Tom satnav from Dixons a while back, I was told it would be 5 working days and it turned up in 3 . I was able to track the whole process. So I have no complaints. The website is fairly straightforward and offers quite a few bargains.


Costa fortune.

Ok Costa coffee has nice leather chairs and the large coffee will last you an hour.
My problem is its overpriced and tastes bitter and if you get a small cake or a biscuit with the coffee the price shoots up even further. On a saturday afternoon all the nice chairs are gone and I have to sit on the ricketty table next to the toilets and Im not paying over the odds for that privaledge.


Good stationers

They are probably the best stationers and bookstore around at the moment. They still seem to keep their head above water, perhaps because the diversify into so many different products. Good for gifts, but the music department seems to have dwindled due to most people getting music online.


Cheap and cheerful

If youre looking for cheap frozen goods look no further than Iceland. The prices are very good in comparison to the major supermarkets, however the quality is not always superb. Iceland do a free delivery service but items cannot be ordered online as with the major supermarkets.


Good specialist

A good specialist store. In the past I have bought such items as sat navs, bicycles and car radios from Halfords. I have never had a problems with any of their products and the staff are very helpful without being pushy. Other stores should take note of this method of selling, especially furniture stores who dive on you as soon as you walk in the door.


Fast and delicious.

I like dominos pizzas they are one of the fast foods that you can trust.
I like to order the pizzas online then pick them up at the shop. Tuesdays is a good day to order because you get two for the price of one. The staff at my local Dominos are pretty good at the moment. Just the newbys that sometimes get stressed out, but they all work very hard.


Its cheap.

If Im looking to book a room in a major city in the UK. I will have a look on travelodge to see if any cheap rooms are available. They may not be the best, but they are usually very clean. I like to think its better the devil you know than the devil you dont.


Good enough

I have bought my last two computers from PC world. They are the biggest and best in Britain and I have never had a problem with any of their products. Plenty of choice in their massive stores and lots of help if anything goes wrong.

Up and down.

First its down, Oddbins is apparently bankrupt, then its up, whittalls wine merchants buy half the stores and save thousands of job. Looked on the internet today and the website was down, probably just a blip. I dont think oddbins can compete against much cheaper supermarket wines. they are trying to offer a top notch product to a skint Britain.


Good for high street shopping.

Wilkinsons is a great place for cheap household items. There are over 300 stores up and down the country. You are better off buying the items direct from the store rather than use the website because you could have delivery charges of up to £20 for large items. they offer good value for money on most products. They only have a limited selection of grocery items, but for most other household items they are hard to beat.


Overpriced sandwich

Dont get taken in by their advertising. Subway is an overpriced sandwich shop. It seems to have taken off in Britain with subway shops appearing in most major town centres. They are handy for fast food for people on a dinner break but it is not worth paying over the odds for a sandwich.


Disappointing website.

Aldi may be very downmarket, but they are also very cheap. I dont think they do home delivery. So unless you have an Aldi locally you will miss out on their bargains. Compared with other supermarket chains I would describe Aldis website as boring and laclustre. So if you want bargains go to an Aldi store because the website is a waste of time.


Useful tool for buying a house.

Rightmove helps you find properties anywhere in the UK. It collects information from almost every estate agent in the country and allows you to get an insight of properties from your own computer. I have used rightmove on many occasions. You can search by price, area, number of bedrooms and property type. It is a very useful tool when looking for a new house.


Choice and value.

Tesco provide very good value for money, a great deal of choice, speedy delivery, lots of special offers and lots of stores.
Their online store is easy to use and very secure.

A good service.

Moonpig has a lot to offer. You can design your own cards or gifts. The designs are good and bright and fun with lots to choose from. You can personalise the card or gift to suit yourself.
You can send the item to yourself or directly to another person.
My only criticism is that it is more expensive than buying from a high street shop.


No thanks

The Sun. Its not everyones favourite newspaper. Mine neither. It trys to be too sensational rather than provide news it looks for scandal. I dont really care which celebrity is sleeping with another celebrity or which celebrity has a new haircut or who looks great in their new dress. This newspaper will never change. It may be popular. It may be great for everyone else, but its not my cup of tea.


Good for the route planner.

I am not a member of the AA nor do I find thier site particularly interesting. However I do use their site for one purpose only. The AA route planner.
There are lots of route planners available, but I find the AA route planner the best. It links up with google maps to show a good detailed map between your intended points. As well as the UK you can also get routes for Ireland and Europe.

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Check it out.

I always use the national rail enquiry site when planning a rail journey. The site allows you to find the quickest route and the cheapest fare. It also has up to date information on travel disruptions.
It gives advise on the types of tickets and discounts that are available.
Its one negative point is the hotels that the site recommends are not always the cheapest or the best.


Good source of information.

The bbc website is one of the largest in the world. It not only offers the television and radio information, it also offers one of the most reliable weather forecasts in the country and is a good source for the news headlines and reports. The BBC site has something for everybody.


Share your photos.

Flickr is the largest photo sharing site on the internet. But only just. It is followed not far behind by Picasa. Photos can be uploaded to flickr from your computer, mobile phone or even email attachments. Downloading however can be difficult. There is virtually unlimited free storage and you can choose who to share the photos with.


Growing fast.

Great for classified ads find what you want in the region you live in. It gives the advertiser free classified ads and makes up the revenue by charging for job ads. The site has expanded rapidly and now gets over 20 billion views a month.


Too posh.

Waitrose is far too upmarket for the likes of me. I think I'll stick to ASDA and Tesco. waitrose does not have the same choice or affordability. But if its luxury youre after then this is your type of place. Waitrose has a royal warrant to supply groceries to the Queen. I think that says it all.


Most reliable.

Thomas Cook has been an established travel agency for over 150 years. There are many high street shops in major towns throughout the UK. One thing that Thomas Cook provides is reliabilty. The website offers thousands of holiday bargains.


Find information on anything.

Wikipedia is one of the top sites on the internet. It provides a free encyclopedia which is entirely made up of user contributions. The fact that anybody can contribute does mean that the information is not always 100% correct and is open to occasional spam. Its is however thought to be a very trustworthy site.


Annoying and costly.

I had the misfortune to have Virgin media at my last house. They promise a lot but deliver very little. They seem very friendly when you sign up. They promise everything but deliver very little. The customer service is annoying, being passed on the phone from department to department and ending up speaking to the person you spoke to first. It took six weeks to get the broadband installed and in the end it was costing so much that I scrapped it before the contract was finished.


It does the job.

I really like my orange phone. I have used other networks in the past and orange compares favourably. I have my wife on the magic number scheme so most of my phonecalls are free (also on account of my limited number of friends). I'm thinking about taking out an 18 month plan next time so I can get the free broadband.


Its a shame

I feel sorry for Waterstones. Everybody buys their books online nowadays so there is no room for a high street store. Their online store is a bit bland and cant compete with Amazon. So they look like becoming the next Woolworths. A shame really because they had so much to offer.


Staff not helpful

Dont get me wrong Maplins have a good range of products and are very good for electrical components but when I ask where a product is I would like to be taken to it rather than the sales assistant pointing and saying "its over there". This incident happened in Preston and it wasent just one assistant it was two. Not good enough.


From a paying guests point of view I find that late rooms is very good. In the UK you can type in the name of any city or major town and there will be several hotels or guest houses to choose from. Some offer better prices than booking direct.
The hotels are displayed showing price per room and a star system based on reviews from people who have actually stayed in the hotel. This is in contrast to trip advisor which is usually based on bogus reviews.
Laterooms offers good choice competitive prices and a good user interface.


Lots of Stock.

I the past I have purchased many items from B&Q from tins of paint to lawnmovers. I find they have an excellent range of products and are fairly good value for money. I have had very few problems with any of my purchases.

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