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Play Asia

Reliable and they've got Everything

Without a doubt, my nº1 stop when it comes to new releases (and a few oldies) regardless of region. That's a HUGE plus in my book since I find myself opting for imports (especially Japanese titles) often.
Some items are a bit overpriced but Play-Asia is the most reliable seller I have ever dealt with. Not only that but they are also quick to answer and willing to help should there be trouble with anything. It's reassuring to know that when they write " within 24 hours " they mean it. Never had trouble with customer service.
I only wish their coupons were worth using but nobody's perfect. Hah! =P


Impressive selection of old games and collector's items

The only "problem" I have with this great store is that their prices can be unbelievably high (used items included).

However, all things considered, Gamebaz is, without a doubt, a store with little to no competition whatsoever as they usually keep brand-new copies of even very old games and collectibles in stock. Worth checking even if you are there just to browse around.

Communication is quick and efficient for the most part, and they always show politeness and thoughtfulness towards their customers.
I am also glad to speak for their delivery times which are, thankfully, surprisingly short even for far-away countries (I live in Peru)!

I will rely on Gamebaz for my hardest game-related searches.

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