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non existant customer service

Are they cheap...yes, but be warned...if you have any problems you will be on hold to Indian Call Centres who will continually pass the buck. I have a problem with unstable broadband...they sent a technician out who said he fixed well as 6 calls to their "Technical support" team who all said they had each fixed the problem. After giving them endless opportunities I decided enough is enough and to cancel. I could not believe what I had to go through...every department completely washed their hands of the situation. Even the cancellation team were useless because they wanted to charge me cancellation fees for a service that didn't work! After over an hour on the phone I got through to a department that said they would cancel and not charge me....they would send a confirmation email...well that was 8 days ago. To put the icing on the cake...the technician they sent around has now cost me £50 even though they promised not to charge because I had only joined them a few weeks ago. I've now been on the phone an additional 1hour 15 minutes to get this money back...apparently this department is extremely busy...I'm not surprised.
Honestly...I know the price is appealing...but they have no idea how to resolve a problem and it's not worth the stress. What a terrible terrible service. The Management team should be ashamed

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