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Anglo Pacific PLC

Anglo Pacific - Terrible service and unaccountability for loss of goods.

Anglo picked up the goods on time from the UK and 3 months later delivered them to Australia, minus one case which happened to be an Apple 32" screen case. Funny how that one disappeared. It was never seen again after Anglo took possession of it. Contained not a screen but 13 years of photos and personal items while in the UK. Anglo didn't really apologize, made me fill out a stupid amount of paperwork telling me I was eligible for compensation, then gave me 40 pounds compensation and said they weren't liable for any loss.
I believe I should be responsible for my belongings in terms of insurance for breakage etc and pay a premium for this, however when items such as this expensive looking one 'disappear' then this should fall on Anglo Pacific and basically the term limited liability is just a way of saying they take no responsibility or recourse for the actions of their staff.
Anglo should be accountable for each and every item in each and every consignment. Not the case and thus I am left very unsatisfied.
Rude and patronising claims handler (NAME), tell you what you want to hear, hit you with hidden costs and then spectacularly fail to deliver or compensate even after I was initially told by my shipping agent I had 'standard liability' which after a 'loss' in transit I was then told actually does not exist.

If there was the option for negative stars I would have given them that.
If I was back in the UK I would get the police involved and small claims court.


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