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absolutely shocked at the level or poor customer service

Sent the company proof of no claims via post, then recieved an email saying that changes have been made to my insurance without any warning, apparently they had not recieved the proof of no claims. I requested my previouse insurer to send me a copy of no claims so that I could scan and email it to swiftcover, but meantime they have already managed to change my insurance and charge me a premium for changeing it adding on an admin fee , despite my countless number of emails saying wait until i recieve the paperwork and dont make any changes! I made sure you were aware of the situation, i had not recieved any warnings before they changed my insurance, they have a team of utter idiots pressing buttons they shouldn't be pressing.

The telephone manner is apalling, they talk over you, dont let you finish a sentance, ignore what your saying and just keep repeating the script thats infront of them. They do not have any customer services skills, and I am just shocked at the campony, I never in my life had so much trouble from car insurance.

Disgusted, frustrated, will not be going with them again, and do not recommend it, they may be cheap but you soon pay for it later. All summed up in one word CRAP!!


Ver poor service and after sales care

No one answers the phone, very late reply via e-mail, very disatisfied with the service , feel cheated and rather sceptical about the company, hope that I can get my money back, no reply so far

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