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What a MESS!

Well it all began well. A bit of strange website, but doable. Got my car reservation done ...

Then next morning I get a phone call from a guy from the actual rental company. And I am told that they have my reservation, but I have to pay extra 16 euros for winter tires! WHAAAT?? I have to pay extra for having tires on my rental car?? I went ahead and carefully read one more time all the small print. NOTHING about winter tires at all!

Now I am getting a bit disapointed and the next day I make another reservation with another rental company. And guess what now: around midnight!!! on Friday night I get a phone call from the same guy. He is asking me why am I making two reservations for the same time, like do I need two cars... I have now clue how he has found out about my second reservation.

I told that punk that I have no interest in discussing with him what and why am I doing. Am I a grown adult after all and I can make as many reservations as I want to. He replied something like: "well, this is wrong" and hung up!

All of these events taking place in two days, and two months before the actual rental time! Why in the world I need to be bothered at midnight?? What is the big urgency??

Sooo, in the morning I write a long complain to arguscarhire.com, explaining all of what is going on and telling them that I have no desire to pay extra money for funky business like they do. A day later I get a this reply:

"Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding our cancellation policy.
I would like to inform u that our policy says that if the booking is cancelled:
· within 7 days of the reservation date and at least 48h before pick up time, all funds will be reimbursed;
· outside 7 days of the reservation date and at least 48h before the pick up time, all fund except a cancellation fee of 25 EUR and the card processing fee (where applicable), will be reimbursed. If a placement fee is less than 25 EUR then only a placement fee will be kept as a cancellation fee;
· less than 48h before the pickup time, no funds will be reimbursed.
According to the above there will be no cancellation fee and all funds will be reimbursed to your account.
Please advise us as soon as possible if you wish to proceed with this cancellation."

WHAT?? Like no sorry, no excuse us! No let us explain! Just "if you want to go - go ahead and go!"

And then the final: two days later i get a message: "your reservation has been cancelled! We have refunded your bank account." Like: "ba-baaay, don't come back".

By the way, nothing has been refunded to my account 4 days later. I will probably never see my deposit again.

My advice - stay away from these people, they know nothing about customers service at all and the people that they partner with are a bunch of punks!

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