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not trustworthy but couldent be botherd ebaying

I played all dvds to make sure they where working and 4 came back as not working with them which is B....S..... IN MY OPINION. OF COURSE THEY will defend themselves to the highest mountain and say that your lying or they are water damaged,. if you read reviews its a common thing they do as you wont get items back its a bit of a farce.

28 January 2014

Reply from Ziffit Ltd

Hello Tracy,

Firstly thank you for Trading with

We can only accept items in the condition clearly outlined on our website. Our Terms and Conditions clearly state that we will not pay for goods which do not pass our Quality Checks. Customers are advised not to send items in which do not meet our condition criteria. All items which fail this process will be recycled responsibly.

Three items were rejected because of Disc Damage, One was rejected due to Water Damage and one was rejected due to materials missing.

The Ziffit Team


delivary service poor.....wont be using again for next christmas

missing items
defrosted food
very late delivery
sub items returned not refunded (will have to wait for my statement in a week to see what they have done as complained at least 3 times to CS)

Not as good as I thought some of food really good quality some of Heston stuff very overpriced for what it was. Really really wanted to make a CHRISTMAS STAPLE I.E LUXTURY PURCHASE will use Asda and Morrison's next year and just use there signature items at least ill get my items on time frozen and not have to complain constantly through Christmas.

I hate to say it but lesson learnt they wont be getting any money off our family next year will eBay my john Lewis vouchers I get from partnership credit card.


bad CS

Brilliant until you have a problem. Company admit they don't reply to email. Since rooted to S. AFrica there customer service has become non existent. I would send a warning to regular loyal customers, there CS has changed beware they don't care.

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will never ever use again worst energy company outthere

wont bore you with complete details bet reasons are

1. Been fighting for refund on my dead dads bill £145 in total, told me was on its way and keep backtracking and making excuses. They have now resorted to not communicating via email so will wait to complain to the regulator(have to wait 8 week in total so not long) basically they are thieves in my opinion.
2. In relation to above problem been on the phone for 1 hour got through to many rude staff that don't understand anything. plus been hung up on(after being in q fro 1 hour when got to front of q) LAZY HORRIBLE STAFF.
3. On my own account they took direct debit from my old account(has been taken from my other account for last 4 months. Out of nowhere they decide to use my old account(which they shouldn't have on system making me get charged)
4. No apology no email response they don't care.

contract with them ends in march but have switched early because they are the worst company I've ever dealt with in my life.

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