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When the chips are down...

It's only really when you are faced with a problem I think you can truly value a retailer. I think that's why so many of us take to the internet the second something goes wrong to write a complaint (on places like trustpilot!), but often tend no to bother when transactions go smoothly (something I'm guilty of myself!).

I recently made my first ever purchase from this retailer, it was a console game for my son. We waited a few days for it to be delivered, then a week passed by and still no delivery. So I e-mailed customer service, who responded straight back (very efficient and polite) and said Royal Mail rules are that a package has to be 15 days late before it can be considered "lost in the post".

I'll admit it was a bit of a pain, and I was a bit put out. But I could understand the problem from their perspective and the customer service team were great throughout, kept me updated every time I e-mailed them, and did finally send out a replacement (with tracked delivery) which arrived the very next day!

Yes, there was an issue (the game probably either got delivered to the wrong address or it got "lost" (pocketed) on the way here), but game collection customer service were professional, polite and answered all e-mails I sent the very same day throughout the period between ordering the item and the replacement arriving.

I started this e-mail by saying you could only judge a company when there is an issue; I encountered a problem with this order and feel the customer service team showed the kind of professional, courteous and polite service that is often sadly lacking in many distance transactions.

I would happily shop from this retailer again and would recommend it to friends and family too.


Cancelled renewal - they renewed the package anyway

I have been using 123 as my domain registrars for years. A year ago I got an e-mail from Microsoft offering me a domain and hosting for a year (it was some student deal), in conjunction with 123. As I already had an account with them it seemed like a no-brainer.

A year later and 123 e-mailed me to say the domain and hosting were due to expire in a few days, so I logged into the website and set both to "allow to expire". Yesterday they billed me £70+ for renewal of the package I set to expire (and, they have actually expired the domain name and the package shows as expired on my accounts page)!

I opened a ticket and infromed them that they'd taken money from my account after I'd cancelled the package. They told me to ring a (non-geographic) number. Unfortunately the call-centre only open until 7pm and only on weekdays and as I generally don't get home until after then I had to use my mobile to ring them. 10 minutes later I'm still not through to a person and this call is costing me a fortune. I have no idea if they are going to answer the phone in 5 seconds or 5 hours! So I had no choice but to hang up.

Quite why the person who received the ticket couldn't just issue the refund is beyond me. Anyway, I ended up just ringing my credit card company and asking for a chargeback on the amount.

I'm not jumping through hoops because of their mistake (I'll assume it was a mistake rather a deliberate attempt to appropriate funds from people who they hope won't notice the charge has gone through!), and from now on I'll take my business elsewhere.

Update (14/05/2013): Bunch of cowboys. They've now gone and automatically renewed a charge for a whois privacy service on a domain that expired months ago! If you are considering buying a domain please do yourself a favour; go with anyone but these rip-off merchants!

15 May 2013

Reply from 123 Reg

Hello ZB.

I can confirm that domain names can be set to expire via the control panel, however you do need to call us to cancel a hosting package. This allows us to run through a few security questions with you and ensure that you have back ups of all files on the hosting package and any associated email services. Once we do cancel a hosting package it is removed from our servers so I hope you can see why we need to ensure that customers have a copy of all of their files.

We do of course aim to answer all calls as quickly as we possibly can, however at times the lines are busier than usual. If you do have any outstanding issues you would like me to look into for you opr you wish to give me some further feedback please feel free to send details across to customerexperience@123-reg.co.uk and i will be happy to help you further.



Update (15/05/2013):

Hello ZB,

Please could you email me with your username or email address on your account to customerexperience@123-reg.co.uk and I will be able to look into this for you.




Really well run, good company. Some amazing deals!

I've bought a couple of laptops from Tier 1 (both for home use) and recommended a few more laptops to other people to buy from the mail-outs I get from them. They are one of the few companies who's mail-outs I always read, there are some incredible deals to be had!

I won't bang on about the first laptop too much as it was purchased a number of years ago (it was an IBM T42 from memory). Except to say it was a bargain and I never had any problems with it (it was eventually handed down to someone else).

The laptop I've recently bought is a Dell Latitutude D430 for £99. I will start by saying, this is an admittedly fairly old laptop (it's a 2007-08 model). At the same time, this was a top of the range laptop on release (before purchase I read an online review from the period on trustedreviews and it cost just under £2k!! It was awarded 9 stars out of 10!); its a Core 2 Duo, has 2GB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, wireless N (!), gigabit ethernet and 3g! For £99!

This model had obviously being designed for the high end business user (and came with Vista Business), but I purchased it as a laptop for my 11 year old son. He was getting to the age where he needed one for school and many of his friends were buying those awful netbooks (the 12" form factor of this laptop was perfect for this purpose as well). This does so much more than a netbook, it cost a quarter of the price and looks 10x better (it really does look smart, and it came in absolutely perfect condition; not a scratch or dent on it! It also seems to have either never been run from the battery or has had a battery replacement as it can do a full 3-4 hours from the installed battery! Not what you'd normally expect from a rerurb!).

I upgraded it from Vista business to Windows 7 home (which was dead simple, everything was available from Windows 7 through Windows drivers' set and Windows update, although I did get some newer version drivers from the Dell website). Windows 7 runs absolutely fine on it.

Of course, he's not going to be playing FIFA 13 on it, but it's speedy at booting, excellent for its intended use (using for school work, general browsing, office software use, etc), and he also plays a few online browser-based games and usually also runs Skype and MSN in the background, and it's perfectly happy running multiple things at the same time (try doing that on a £300 netbook!).

Service from Tier 1 was excellent, payment easy, good communications, tracking faultless (even providing the delivery time to within an hour!).

Obviously this was one of their lower priced laptops, but there are fantastic deals to be had quite often (it's best to be on their mailing list and get in there quick, as the best deals often go fairly rapidly). As I said at the start I've seen a couple of other deals on the mail-outs which I knew would be perfect for friends or family who were looking out for a laptop and they purchased them from Tier 1. So far, just like us, none have have had a problem.

Definite thumbs up from me!

Scan Computers

Terrible company, Avoid!

My order arrived faulty. I reported it to scan and asked for a refund, they point blank refused to accept the return of my order unless I paid to return the items (despite me quoting the Distance Selling Regulations and Sale of Goods Act to them).

I had to spend a large part of my day writing a lengthy legal threat to them outlining my intention to take them to the small claims court. Only after being threatened with legal action did they relent and allow me to return the faulty order.

Even after accepting they have a legal duty to provide me with a refund they have tried to make me jump through hoops to get a refund. They insisted I undertake testing of individual components before I could return the order (again, I had to quote the DSRs to them) and, 2 weeks after requesting cancellation under the DSRs I've still not received a refund from them (despite all goods being returned to them).

To summarise: this is a horrible company who refuse to acknowledge their legal duties until pushed and provide the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Avoid!

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