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Appalling quality of service and phone support

We have been BT users for a very long time, the quality is generally very poor across the board of services they provide.

Broadband speed is capped at 5Mib around this area, the staff are incredibly rude on the phone and all seem to be based in India, which is even more frustrating when they speak very little English or don't quite get the your issue.

There are so many more wrong things with this company that I could go on and on and on...


Really bad support and service

Impossible to book VIP seats in some areas, impossible to select where you want to seat and very poor phone and twitter support. I prefer driving 20min to my nearest Vue than to go at my local cineworld.


Just in time for the birthday, could have better selection

They saved my backside just in time but their international selection is a bit poor and pricey.


Poor service, untrained staff, bunch of liers

I had my eyes tested there twice, every time they would mess up my prescription.
Bought two pair of glasses from them, but wasn't really happy with their selection so I decided to buy some stylish frames from Italy and asked the local branch to fit the current lenses in the new frames, they refused to do so because I didn't buy the frames from them, so I sent them off to a private store and had them fitted with no issues at all.

Never again...

Halifax Online

Okay support, high charges, local branches are very poor

I found the phone support to be fairly good, explaining everything I wanted to know about their new services. Overdraft charges are a ripoff and their local branches are very very poor. I wanted to open a business account with them but every single time they would cancel the meeting at the last minute. I was so fed up that I opened it with a bigger and more successful rival bank.


Terrible customer support

They closed my account for some unknown reason, never reopened it back for me but instead sent me some debt recovery monkeys to retrieve the unpaid overdraft from my card. I was sent around in circles by their support personnel up to the point of ignoring me completely and forwarding my calls to external debt recovery companies like the trained monkeys from Moorcraft and STA Graydon.

Disgraceful service, would not recommend them to anyone.


Okay choice, inexistent support

Recently I had to book a hotel in London for a short-notice business appointment, the hotel that was recommended was a bit too far from anywhere, although it was a bit 'cheaper' for London standards the quality was very low, incredibly small rooms (misleading pics) and very cold. We tried to get in touch with lastminute and pass some feedback on that particular promoted hotel but we never heard back from them nor the hotel. It's disappointing when custom support is so scarce when there are many other alternatives around.


Good value for money, cheap products are cheap

I do most of my shopping at my local Tesco. Good selection of international and fresh foods. The clubcard is a big plus for my weekly shopping, cheap tesco-branded products are a bit too cheap for my taste though, especially the meats are of very low quality and I would recommend buying them elsewhere.


Happy customer, great support and fast response

Amazon is my preferred site when looking for books or electronic goods (let alone hosting and cloud computing). Really fast deliveries and great support on faulty or damaged goods.


Helpful staff good, crappy stores

I have been an O2 client since the first iPhone was released in the UK. The staff have always been particularly helpful (both in stores and on the phone) but a few things are lacking and haven't been improved during the time I have been a client with them:

1. Mobile coverage is very poor in the outskirts of city centres, especially in the North.
2. Very little offers for long-term customers, nothing exciting from keeping me on changing provider (in fact I will do so by the end of July).
3. Some shops do not display real handsets! Is this a joke? How do I know if I like a particular phone when the only thing you see is a cheap plastic replica? *

*unfortunately this is a problem with other providers as well.


Good service and good staff, terrible food old aircrafts

A regular BA client for the past 8 years, I fly regularly between the UK and Italy. Happy with the service in general and the staff (both on phone and on location) a bit less so with the state of the aircrafts and the quality of the food.

The aircrafts used in internal and European flights are a bit too old, the seats are a bit uncomfortable and looking a bit too tired.

The food is terrible, cold dishes and horrific chutneys are disgraceful, haven't changed in taste for the past 8 years.
Also would be nice to have some better in-flight entertainment and more interesting magazines to read.

Urban Industry

Great products and incredibly fast delivery!

I really love the service and the products they provide. I ordered a couple of items before midday and I found them at my doorstep the day after, incredibly speedy delivery and great twitter support! Ordering more stuff in the near future, highly recommended!

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