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Swift, superb service

I have made several purchases over time and still the quality, service and dispatch remain faultless. Perfect peace of mind!

T Mobile

PAYG or £20 Monthly does not buy you service and support from EE

I have been with T-Mobile since their inception. From 121, AT&T to EE. Now I find I do not pay enough to warrant the service provided for others. I have been cheated, lied to, overcharged and deceived. Despite furnishing evidence to validate the deterioration in service, they have not offered any resolution to the reduced 2G and 3G coverage caused by 4G mast upgrades.

My signal strength is less than acceptable (worse than -100db); my phone switches between four masts every 8 seconds on average and 9 out of 10 calls fail as a result ever since EE's 4G was introduced in January this year. This in Blackburn's town centre!

Would I recommend T-Mobile, Orange or the umbrella EE. NOT LIKELY!

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