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Love Your Wallet & Time Precious? Then stay well clear of them

Halfords Autocentre - Naively enticed by their half priced MOT offer and took my car to them for it's MOT.

Failed needing two new tyres and the headlight lenses were yellowed and cloudy (apparently). They asked if they could quote for the work which I declined and took it to a local garage for the tyres (budgets at £36 each). The mechanic was surprised it failed on the lenses which he thought were OK but advised a cleaning & polishing product that would get them up to spec which I ordered online.

I spent an hour cleaning and polishing the headlight lenses which now looked as good as new so booked a retest with Halfords.

Arrived at the allotted time only to be told they had double booked me so had to go back later when they could fit me in. Failed again on the headlights and also on a different tyre which they must of missed on the first MOT !! Unreal!!

Getting worn down with the hassle of it all I accepted a quote for the tyre - £51 (£16 more expensive than the others I had bought at an independent) and agreed to have the lenses also fitted by them. I left the car with them and spent £8 on a taxi home after being told they would have it all done by 4 pm including a full MOT (which I would have to pay for again)

I got home and received a call that the lenses weren't available until after my allotted MOT time so they couldn't do the MOT after all. I asked for the prices of the lenses they had sourced which were £91 each ( brand new £20 each on Ebay) plus £50 labour each so £282 plus the tyre and MOT test fee.

I told them to not do anything and got a lift to pick the car up and smelling a rat managed to book my car in at a garage that specialises in MOT's ONLY. Paid £48 for the test fee and surprise surprise it passed. They told me they hear of similar stories all the time about Halfords.

If you want to be milked of your cash Halfords is for you. If, however, you value your time, money and sanity then look elsewhere. I'll never, ever go to Halfords for anything again.

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