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AVOID: Ordered once, NEVER again!!!!!

Dear all,

I have to start by saying that this was the worst online shopping experience ever (and I order a lot online). I cannot believe how unorganised, unreliable and unprofessional Missguided are.

This was my first order with them as I'd seen many adverts that looked appealing and a few of my friends ordered from them too. A few of them have had issues with orders and payments but I thought they can't mess up on every order can they.

My first issue was with their website and ordering process. I initially tried to order 5 items but when I went through with the order the online system only let me order 4, even though the last item I wanted was in stock. The online system just took it out of my basket at checkout when I went to make payment. Quite annoying!!!

My second issue was the fact that I had placed an order in the afternoon and of a value that was eligible for free next day delivery. I selected next day delivery at check out because I wanted to wear one of the jumpsuits I ordered for an event. So I really needed my order to come on time. Usually when I do next day delivery with other retailers, the package arrives promptly. With Missguided the package comes a day late and late in the evening. I ordered the package on Tuesday expecting it on Wednesday. I even got an email saying my package is in it's way and had a friend stay at my house all day to receive that package as I was at work. The package never arrived on Wednesday as it was meant to and when it arrived on Thursday, it was late in the evening. This next day delivery went completely out the window!!!!

My third issue was the fact that they overcharged me for items I did not order. My order was placed for 4 items and that was what my emails and invoice stated. However, when I looked at my online bank statement it showed that they had overcharged me an extra £27.99. Seriously, after taking items I wanted to order out of the basket and then delivering my package really late, they want to take extra money!!! And I thought their service couldn't get worse.

I contacted their customer service team and explained everything. They, as an apology offered me a measly 10% off my next purchase. I don't even want to order from them again so what use is that to me. The staff member also stated that they would refund the overcharged amount. Missguided attempted to rectify this one mistake by issuing me a refund for the money they shouldn't have taken in the first place. But please note everyone: they can't even fix their own mistake properly. They overcharged me by £27.99 for an item I did not order and refunded me £27.98. The issue isn't the penny, they could have refunded me incorrectly by an even greater amount. The point is that after making so many mistakes while processing and attempting to fulfil my order. How unprofessional is it to refund incorrectly an amount that should not have been taken in the first place!!!! It's a matter of professionalism and a matter of respect for the customer to ensure that after all the mistakes made in the initial complaint. All other matters with that customer should be completed correctly without mistake.

My next issue was with the customer service team. They aren't that helpful at all. When you ask them questions they reply with an answer to a question you never asked. They keep stating 'your refund will take 7 days to process'. One I never asked that question as I already read that from the website. And two why have you not answered my actual question. I had to email persistently for a month before I actually got a proper response when I requested to speak to someone of a higher level. Worst service ever.

When I returned a few items from the order, again I noticed that the refund amount was not correct.

Finally as Missguided charge to post returns. I asked them to cover my postage as an apology rather than the useless 10% off code which I will never use. They continuously refused to do this. Even though the reason I returned my items was because the package was late (Missguided's fault) and I could not wear the items for when I ordered them for. I also explained that the 10% code isn't of any use to me and 10 percent off an order would usually be equivalent to the postage charge anyway. So as an act of courtesy and apology for all the inconveniences, it was the least they could do. I WASN'T asking for both. I was asking for postage to be covered as an alternative to the code as I don't intend on using the code (i told them to invalidate the code) and it works out the same and if not better for them. So I don't know what their issue was. Again this request was continuously refused and sometimes ignored, until I asked to speak to someone higher as they were of no help to me and were simply wasting my time.

I will never be ordering from them again. Customers be careful, check your orders and refunds correctly and if possible avoid!

From a very annoyed and unimpressed first customer.

13 January 2014

Reply from Missguided


Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconveniences caused.

We have contacted the relevant departments to provide them with your feedback. We will use this to improve our services and quality in the future.

You should not have received this kind of customer service and this will be looked into. Please be aware that you can also contact us via Facebook and Twitter and we may be able to provide a faster response.

We are so sorry for the inconveniences caused once again.

Best wishes,

Missguided Customer Care xx

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