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Dumb as

we got BT infinty and calls, first month after 2nd week cut us off,sorry our mistake,since installation phone not working,sent engineer problem with box funny all was fine with SKY for 2yrs,give us free month yeah great,6 months later unbeknown to us they had been under charging,turns out our 45pm turned into £76,didnt find this out till Nov when one bounced called BT,fun begins,turns out someone did not add the extra £6pm from feb to Aug,ok fine worked it out £42 debt, sept/oct £76 so debt paid plus credit of £20 ohno there stll insisting we pay them £76,aha now gets better bill plus debt for next qtr £162.15 well you do the math.they are hopless, Ofcom complaint awaiting reply ,BT still isnisting so guess what and here the good bit we also want our bank charges paid,so can see by end of all this will terminate contract,ah but wait comes good bit,i will then issue Small claims summons to BT head in HIS name,then see what happens,have done this before if you are 100% i have , send a summons to the CEO in his name,they soon respond BT Cahirman is Sir Michael Rake,claimin a low amount in costs,now be prepared to see it through i did and won a case against Thorn Emi,and i will do the same to BT

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