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Fail to Profit

Took my car to our local Halford auto centre as were offering a good deal of £27. Should of known that would be my downfall.

What a surprise failed,
Front Brakes
Front Disc corroded & weak
Rear hand below Efficiency
Front Head light Blown
Tail Light Out

Rear tires close to legal limit
and Brake pipes corroded

Quote to repair the brakes and Discs £160.22
Quote for Head lights £14
Handbrake cable £137.00
Total Repair - £311.22

The front pads I`ll give them, were worn and the bulbs were blown. Actual cost
2x Bulbs £2
2x Disc £29
2x pads £21
Admitedly I repaired them myself so an aspect of labor in there, The hand brake had no fault at all.On inspection the discs were slightly corroded, as any disc would be after a few years on the car. Changed everything and got a retest booked.

The examiner began his retest, to which I began a lengthy call to my bank. After a while the examiner parked the car up in front of me, and I asked if everything was OK and did it pass. To which he replied `Yes all fine` I replied "has it passed now," to which he said `Yes give me 5 mins to do the paperwork.`
I finished my call, and went in expecting to pay my money and leave, the manager told me it had failed on Hand Brake efficiency only being 13%.
Totally confused I asked why the examiner had just told me it had passed. The manager said I was mistaken, and he didn`t say that. Then presenting me with a quote said I either repair it there or it will be a full charge for a retest. So £137 for a new hand brake cable fitted......

I then made a call to an MOT centre around the corner to which they had an appointment within the hour. Took the car there and didn`t mention anything about the Halfords Ordeal, removed all paperwork and sat watching the MOT.

Flew through with no advisory or failures, asked about the hand brake efficiency and he showed me the screen that said it was 26% which he said was typical and not really anything to worry about for the age of the car. I showed him the Halfords paperwork and he was gob smacked. The rear tyres were 4mm to which the legal limit is 1.6mm. Then he asked why he failed the front Discs & not the rears as they would of been in the same condition.
Clearly they are offering cheap MOT`s to then trap customer into ridiculous prices..... I`ve learnt my lesson dearly and won`t go anywhere near a halfords of any sorts again.......

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