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Terrible customer service, not consumer friendly.

I received a hairdryer as a gift from this place. The dryer cost 140.00 usd it arrived late and the product was LESS than what was expected. Once I contacted about returning I was told since I took it out of the box, it was now mine basically. For the price and quality of the product I would expect them to be understanding. But they dont care, they got their $$ and now I'm stuck with this piece of crap dryer to take up space in my closet. I DO NOT recommend this site.

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Candy Albert
Elk Grove, United Kingdom


I could eat cereal every meal for the rest of my life... No, I'm not still married. Yes I kept the last name. No, I don't have kids. But I'm surrounded by so many of them I don't need my own. Yet... I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for, be jealous. Some people call me C, some call me Candice, Candy, Cakes, Kewi, Sissy, Dos or Auntie Dos. Either way, I'm still just Me! I have a strange pull toward anyone who's name begins with an 'L'... I like to daydream but know that there really aren't any gray areas in life... I have a ridiculously wild imagination, which is probably why I get along with kids so well. I don't believe there is a silver lining, you get what you give. I'm a firm believer that a closed mouth doesn't get fed.... I like to have my cake and eat it too... I'm like Bubblegum or Cherry flavored cough syrup... I'm not a walker or even a runner, I'm more of a close my eyes and JUMP person. I"m probably the easiest person to figure out, because I'll just tell you...I'm working on being more mysterious... I always have a million things going on so don't take things personal I still probably think of you. I'm messy and lose things more often than a regular human.