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City Link

£1200 John Lewis painting here, wheres mine?

I have been left in a situation by City-Link that i would class as totally unprofessional and damaging for anybody wishing to use such a company on a personal or business level. I will be cutting ties with them on a personal and business level shortly.
To cut a long story short i entrusted a valuable picture with City-link which they managed to lose in one day.
It was quite a straight forward procedure in my opinion, collect a 1metre square parcel and deliver to my home address,
It appears this is obviously too much of a request for City-Link to undertake because the driver who obviously cannot speak or read English has cross labelled it with a John Lewis parcel and my large 1metre square package is now amongst 65,000 other parcels with John Lewis at possibly the largest distribution centre in Europe apart from Amazon. Fantastic!!!!!
The flipside of this is Mrs Armitages from Leamington Spa,s £1200 painting that she ordered with John Lewis is proudly sitting in my home although its obviously mine now as it was addressed to me. She must be pulling her hair out as to where it is, as i am with mine.
City-Link have done ZERO about this. The delivery driver when i realised my delivery was the wrong size rang the Aylesford in Kent depot and a gentleman called Raj i believe was only interested in taking back the parcel and stated to the driver he wasn't concerned about my package.
This is what the courier driver informed me and i denied his request and kept the package as it had my name on it.
I have made many calls to City-link and have spoken to many people and quite simply no one has helped at all.
I was informed John lewis contacted City-Link to state they have a non John Lewis package delivered yet have no idea who rang them, who to get back to at John Lewis or how to retrieve my package.
I had to take this into my own hands and contact John lewis themselves which i shouldn't have had to do. Ive had to make international calls from abroad to them as well as them phoning me abroad as ive been away on business.
I will say John Lewis have been amazing, this is why they have 5* rating across the board.
They are a business that are concerned about customer support and are not employed as drones on the phone.
City-Link have contacted me - NOT ONCE.
City-Link very quickly stated the item was lost i believe because they could not be bothered to try and find my parcel.
I am a business manager in the Apple arena, i arrange all the collections and deliveries from Central London to our whole customer base.
As of tomorrow i shall not be using City-Link, i shall be contacting all my suppliers that use them and my distributors and recommend they use DPD who i have been speaking with yesterday.
They have guaranteed and all my associate businesse's a first class service and better pricing and that they will have someone who actually cares about my orders.
So for now, i have no picture and City-link have to explain to Mrs Armitage in Leamington Spa sadly her picture is also lost and if my picture is not found i shall hang hers instead as its addressed to myself and delivered to me.
All in all im pretty disgusted.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has issues within a business, a business proves how good it is when things go wrong.

Royal Mail

If i cant trust Special Delivery i may aswell walk it myself 200 miles.

Being a pretty placid person and only gaining opinion on companies from my own experiences i have to say Royal Mail have shocked me with how poor they have been on my recent visits.
When i trust a company to deliver expensive items with a Guranteed Signed for Special Delivery i do not expect a day of upset, stress and a customer that is threatening to sue me because the postman decided it was easier to deliver 5 doors away without even informing my customer they had done so.
The signature on the tracking page had no relevance at all to the address i paid for delivery to and the delivery address that was awaiting the parcel took a day off work to ensure they were in.
Surely its illegal for a delivery driver to give expensive personal items to a total stranger and not even have the courtesy to put a card through the door to state where it was left.
It was down to my customers own upset she knocked on every door in the street till she found Mr Norris with whom she has never met before.
I am a Uk business manager within the Apple realm, i am responsible for all the deliveries and booking courier companies for the volumes of orders that go out of our premises.
As of today Royal Mail have now been removed from the list and will never be used again.
I have now employed the services of [External Reference] in Central London because i need a company that employ trustworthy individuals that do the jobs intended and not individuals that do as they please.
If i could claim compensation for the time i took off work trying to sort this out i would!

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