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ANOTHER VICTORIA UPDATE. Phoned yesterday to see how near our shower problem was to being solved. Customer Services informed me that my details had been passed to "Senior Management" and no longer being dealt with by them, and it was they would be in touch. I thought progress! I was wrong, it seems the senior management are every bit as conversant with simple arithmetic as the much vaunted "Technical department" and as a consequence I haven't heard a "dickie bird" presumedly still wrestling with the maths. They have made no effort to send out any replacement parts or help in any way. so tomorrow I buy a different shower sourced locally after which I'll shall be demanding a full refund as they have supplied goods "not fit for the purpose sold". Yet another reason to NEVER USE VICTORIA PLUMB.

UPDATE REGARDING PREVIOUS REVIEW BELOW TITLED "A right shower. NEVER USE VICTORIA PLUMB" posted 45 hours ago. As promised, here is an update on our situation. Despite a speedy response after the review we left 45 hours ago (please see our earlier review below) the subsequent response that was received 45 hours ago directly from Victoria Plumb assuring us we would be contacted within "24hours", 45 HOURS LATER AND WE ARE STILL WAITING!! The technical team apparently don't work over the weekend so I expect we won't hear until at least Monday!!! THIS IS OBSCENE VICTORIA PLUMB! When on earth are we going to be sent a replacement for our faulty shower enclosure (for which we have provided two sets of photographic evidence to prove)?!?! We'll keep you updated people. Lets hope we don't get another fob off reading "we'll contact you in x number of hours"!

Ordered a shower from Victoria Plumb V8+ Frameless 760mm x 760mm to fit the 760mm shower tray I also ordered from them as it was advertised as adjustable from 735mm min to 760mm max. However what arrived (albiet in a box that stated the correct size printed on it) was a shower enclosure that was unable to make the minimum of 735mm. Basically each side has two main components 1) the adjustable wall post measuring 42mm and 2) the panel measuring 700mm this adding up to only 742mm. With me so far? You have to insert the panels into the wall post by a minimum of 10mm thus leaving the maximum size 732mm. Short of some 3mm from the minimum and some 28mm from the maximum. We called to have the error rectified (at premium phone rates) spoke to some helpful sounding girls, who weren't any help at all. Each telling a different story and saying they couldn't make a decision as it wasn't up to them. So I was mystified as why they were called customer services, ultimately they were useless. They asked for some photos of the panels against a measuring tape so they could forward them to their laughingly named "technical team" who appear to be worse than useless. You can't speak to them directly which may have solved the problem if it is their call on how to proceed but they're probably too embarrassed to let them come to the phone. However after sending them a second set of photos, they claimed they hadn't received them. The only recipient who didn't, as I copied in other family members and they all received them, I smell a rat. Furthermore they are not great at returning any emails you may send either, which can be frustrating. I can't fathom out what is making them drag their heels on this it a straight case of arithmetic 700+42 will never make 760 ever. The "technical team" think it may. A pretty amateur outfit all round. NEVER USE VICTORIA PLUMB. I'm sure any response I receive on this website from victoria plumb directly will assure me that the technical team are "looking into it" but STILL won't tell me whether or not I will receive a replacement or when I can expect it to arrive so will be fobbed off again. I'll keep you all posted regarding the outcome because ultimately a good company is judged on how they deal with problems particularly when the fault is on their part.

D Robinson. London

27 November 2013

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Dear Charlotte Robinson

We are very sorry that this issue has not yet been resolved, we will look into this matter and contact you to resolve this within the next 24 hours.

Kind Regards
Victoria plumb Customer Service Department

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