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Linens Limited

Excellent service

Very good service, speedy delivery and helpful customer services


The only way to get a decent reply is to sue them

it doesn't seem to matter how much in the wrong they are, how rubbish the item they sell is they try their best not to replace it. I have had to take them to court (action on going) because a computer I bought stopped working in less than three months, they tried to fix it by giving instruction over the phone, then I returned it to store. They sent it back not fully working, they tried again by phone, taking remote control of the machine, the insotre tech guys failed so sent it away again. At which point i said I had given them enough chances to repair it. The manager said 'tough' he was sending it away and I could just wait for it to come back again. They said the same on the phone and by email. Their social media guys confirmed their position in a public post on Facebook. They refused independant pre-claim mediation we are now in the court process

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