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Utterly fantastic with a unique selling concept!

I love t-shirts, especially ones that appeal to television, film, comic or sci-fi fans, so when a friend sent me a link to a limited-edition Pinky & The Brain shirt on this website - I leapt at the chance!

Qwertee work in a way I've never seen before. Every day they will have a t-shirt from a guest designer for £8, with the previous day's tee as the "last chance tee". After 48 hours, the shirt is not made available again.

They also allow you to browse their back-catalogue of all their previous shirts. You are able to vote for your favourites and, if it accumulates enough votes, the shirt will be re-stocked for the magic 48 hours.

This site combines all tastes and has a wonderfully diverse selection of tees that appeal to everyone, yet because of the small opportunity window it becomes more than just a good shirt shop - it becomes an obsession!

Since purchasing my Pinky & The Brain shirt (which I am wearing now!), I have checked the site every day for the new shirt. Because every day is something new, something funny and something interesting!

I'd recommend this company to everyone if I could - they are cheap and cheerful, but the quality far exceeds the prices. Their delivery is relatively quick considering I was an international order, and imagine my surprise when I found they'd thrown in some Haribo Sourz as well!

Five Stars just doesn't seem enough for such an exceptional company.


Wonderful for shopping!

Being almost bedbound thanks to my pregnancy (and an overly-cautious partner...!), I've had very little to do to keep me occupied. As such, I've started using eBay regularly - and I'm very surprised at how quick and easy it is!

It may be disappointing to lose out on bids, but in my experience you can find that item again and again. I've ordered baby clothes, books, toys and even a fully-working Game Boy Colour console with games. Prices have always been cheap, and if they get too expensive I just stop bidding and find another seller!

Incredibly useful for selling as well - I've sold plenty of my old shoes and clothes, mobile phones, an old laptop for spares/repairs, and have made a nice little sum from it. It's very simple to use, and I love PayPal as it makes sure I'm not getting scammed.

I will always love eBay. Well done for providing such a good service!


Astounding! :D

Without going into too much detail about the unprofessional DPD, I had ordered a car seat that, at 32 weeks, I needed delivered damn quick. After ordering from Amazon and having DPD lose my package, lie to me, keep me on hold and generally knock me around, I finally gave up and ordered from Precious Little One. And wow, were they fantastic!

I ordered the car seat (which, as an aside, had free delivery and was a good £10 cheaper) at around 2pm. Nine minutes later I get an e-mail stating that it has been shipped, and by noon on Thursday I was trying to figure out how to get the wretched thing to fit in my car. Less than 24 hours from ordering to delivery is brilliant - I've never experienced such quick and simple service. I was also delighted to find that they had included two sunshades for my car windows absolutely free!

I have used them again, to order a nappybag that was unavailable in almost every other shop. And again, it was dispatched within minutes of me ordering, and I had it 48 hours after ordering. I have never been so impressed with a service and I will definitely be ordering from them again and again.

10/10 Precious Little Ones! Well done!


Stellar service!

I've been looking for a room thermometer to monitor the temperature to my nursery, but found that most digital ones were too expensive and the ordinary wall ones were just too shoddy and a bit crap-looking. Went in search of a unique feature, and found this website. Ended up ordering a Galilean Thermometer (the glass one with the coloured balls), and it's perfect. It's beautifully crafted and a real discussion piece. Plus it will help my hild learn about different densities when he's old enough!

Ordered it yesterday morning, and by 1:30pm today I had it unpacked and set up - with no extra cost for shipping. Absolutely bloomin' fantastic, and will certainly be using them again! Well done ShinyShack!

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Farcical, unprofessional and lackadaisical.

I am absolutely shocked and appalled by the quality of service that I received from DPD. It beggars belief, and I WILL be contacting Trading Standards about them. A 1-Star rating is an insult to the rating system - they should be given negative stars.

Being 32 weeks pregnant, time is of the essence. So when I found a carseat that was compatible with my pram, I purchased it from Amazon and paid for Guaranteed-By-1pm-Next-Day Delivery. 1pm comes and goes with no package, so I call Amazon, who confirm that DPD have the package, but since there has been a delay I will be refunded the £8.99 shipping costs.

I THEN try contacting DPD - worst decision I've ever made - and after a full hour of trawling through Google to find a contact number for them, and a full 45 minutes of being on hold, they tell me my package "will be delivered by 12PM tomorrow" because of "poor labelling". Funny that, seeing as how that "poor labelling" was still sufficient to have them tell me who I am and where I live, because they confirmed this with me at the beginning of the call. They then refuse to give me any discount of any kind, even though I had to move midwife and doctor appointments in order to wait in extra for it, and they also refuse to put it on a rush evening delivery as "it isn't their fault, it's Amazon".

12PM today - still no package, and I'm getting mightily pissed. Rang up DPD, and after another marathon of hold information I'm swiftly hung up on. Rang again, and after 20 minutes they now tell me that they have lost my package somewhere in the Birmingham warehouse, and it's been missing since 12AM Wednesday morning. So not only has it vanished into thin air, I was directly lied to about delivery 15 hours after they "lost" it! They can't launch an investigation because again it isn't their fault, it's Amazons, and we can't have the number for the complaints department because they deal only in e-mails, and replies are not guaranteed.

Finally got my money refunded from Amazon, after they tell me that the carseat is now out of stock, they don't know when they will be getting another one in and an investigation could take months. Absolutely shocking, what on earth do this company think they are playing at? They have lied directly to me and my fiancé, they have hidden behind dubious "company policies", they haven't bothered to update their tracking systems - even now, they still claim on their website that they are "awaiting receipt of the package" - and they refuse to take the blame for something that is rather obviously their fault!

All I want to know now is what is going to happen with my "missing" package? Will they just never find it, and have it grow dusty in a corner? I was sorely tempted to go up to the Birmingham warehouse and find it myself, because after the utter incompetence displayed by DPD, I'm 100% positive that, pregnant or not pregnant, I could do a much better job than them at handling post.

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