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Experience was acceptable

I visited a store in Harlow for help with a car seat. The staff member was polite and helpful, no complaints there. Staff product knowledge was ok but you could tell they didn't really know their stuff for this particular Maxi-cosi seat (several staff members had gathered round at this time) e.g. which bases were compatible, product features, colour options, etc. Nevertheless the experience was positive overall simply because the staff member was so helpful, and we also got a good deal on the day. We ordered one of the items on-line in the store (as the store did not stock the item) and that order was delivered on-time and in good order.
I like the fact that the ELC is a part of their group and they have ELC items in their store too. Generally ELC items are good for children and of satisfactory quality.
What is annoying however is that you can't use gift cards on-line - when I called customer services up (as I couldn't believe this), they told me they were trying to make this feature available. This is 2013, wake up and get with it Mothercare!


Impressed with customer services

I ordered 3 items, only 2 were delivered, and of the 2 one was damaged through production.
I contacted customer services who resolved the issue immediately by resending the one missing item and replacing the one damaged item. They were very polite.
On this occasion I am not awarding 5 stars because I would have expected better standards to begin with, but in the end they put the problems right decently and there was very little friction.
I would buy from them again.

webuyanycar...of course you do, at any price you choose

I've valued some cars on their website and the offers are always very low, much less than what the cars are worth, and of course that's just a starting point because reading other reviews and using common sense, the values drop when you've been to see them. Of course, if you want an easier and faster solution to getting rid of your car, as opposed to selling it privately, they'll probably fulfill these requirements, but if you sold your car privately at the prices they offer, I doubt you'll have much hassle or experience much time wasted at all. It's all in their name, which leaves out the important point of what price. I think they're only in business because they play a numbers game, expecting a certain percentage of the population to fall into their trap. But then again as a seller, I suppose you've got enough common sense to walk away from a bad deal. I've given them one star because I can't see the true value they add - car dealers are probably a better bet - and there is usually some sort of negotiation to be had on a new car.

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27 January 2014

Reply from

Hello Neo,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We're constantly striving to improve our service, so your feedback is very important to us.

We don't claim to be able to offer the best possible price, you're right, you may well get slightly more for your vehicle through private sale, we simply guarantee a quick, easy and safe way of selling, free from the hassles that come with private sale: haggling with strangers, negotiating with time-wasters, waiting in for viewers, placing adverts and waiting by the phone.

My apologies that we were unable to live up to your expectations on this occasion.

Kind Regards,

Lisa, on behalf of


Below average experience over the years

They are pretty poor in terms of customer service. Often the representatives fail to get the point you're trying to make and many of them have a different version of the truth. It is a lottery as to who you get when you call through. Staff have no flexibiliy to make decisions at the lower ranks to put things right. I've had to escalate complaints all the way to the CEO's office to be heard previously and when you get that far and threaten them with action they're pretty good at sorting the issue out, but shouldn't the employees all be trained to all have the culture of treating the customer fairly and providing a good experience? The true test of a company is when you have a problem and Vodafone isn't very good at getting simple things right.
And come renewal time there is the usual bi-annual battle of trying to get the best deal possible and threatening them to leave because they don't reward customers who have been with them for years.
On the plus side, Vodafone reception is good and I rarely have an issue getting a signal. I'd move if I could but to who? O2?

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OMG - do I have to give them 1 star?

They are a total waste of time. Very very poor customer service with almost no technical knowledge. I've been had by them a couple of times...shame on me. But never again.

Ordered a PC, monitor caught fire when I plugged it in. What did they say? My fault, surprise surprise. Went through hell and back for a refund. Avoid like the plague.



Love this place. Great refund policy, good prices, good offers and lots of choice. Been buying from them for years. They shame John Lewis for service.



Order apples, get pears. All the time. Why advertise something for sale you can't deliver on and instead substitute? If I'd wanted that item I would have ordered it. Had enough when I ordered baby milk for my new born and on this in occasion they didn't substitute anything at all - luckily I had some milk left in the house.
Won't be going back.


Not good

Delivery driver was very late and rude. Blamed me for asking too!
Customer services suck, they don't follow up and don't care.
Won't be wasting my time with them again. First and last order.
They DID however deliver all the items I ordered (unlike Waitrose) hence 2 stars.
Something tells me I've been too generous ...

John Lewis

Nothing special at all

To summarise them in a few words. They DO knowingly oversell. Customer services are so so and on some occasions are pretty crap. They tend to deliver on time. Email responses are often very delayed and don't answer everything you've asked for - like pulling teeth. I wouldn't recommend them, but they are better than the likes of Currys. I don't know why people rave about them.

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