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I grew up in the Soviet Union where customer service was non existent. I thought nothing in that department could surprise or anger me. Until this week.

I booked a pick-up, cancelled all my work arrangements and stayed home for a day, constantly refreshing the parcel status page. I put a not on the front door, pointing to my buzzer and leaving my phone number. There's a vet at my address that usually picks up parcels/drops off deliveries on behalf of the residents if they are not there but I preferred to stay in.

At 4 pm the status of the parcel is updated: COLLECTION POINT CLOSED.

Blatant lie:

1. I'm in
2. My name and phone number are displayed on the front door on a note for the courier
3. The vet (if for any reason at all the courier read "Flat 2" as "Veterinary Practice" - strange dyslexia that would be but who knows?! is open too.

I get on to customer service: blah dee blah, nothing we can do but you can bring the parcel to our depot.

Wait! Me, bring parcel to your depot while YOU screwed up (and frankly lied about)? Ok, I can actually do it, as a goodwill gesture - but will you pay for my taxi to your depot then (it's a massive parcel?) No no, cannot do this.

I am, you see, quite busy. I cannot afford to waste my time arguing. So sod it - I reschedule the pickup for today. Stay in all day. SECOND DAY TAKEN OFF WORK ON CITY LINK'S BEHALF! Does the pickup arrive, ever? No.

Customer service, hello, want an update, where's the driver. Ah sorry. Do you want to reschedule for tomorrow? Mind you, we cannot give you a pickup time. (No suggestion of reducing the price for me, or adjusting the pickup time, or getting in touch with the courier - anything that normal customer service would do, like UPS has done for me many times).

Obviously I didn't reschedule for tomorrow, or ever.
I am an agent representing 11 fashion brands that do showrooms in London, Paris and Milan 4 times a year. I was looking to sign with a courier company and thought this pickup would be a test. Obviously City Link is not getting my business, nor that of any of my 11 brands, nor that of 100+ boutiques, e-tailers and department stores I work with. In fact, I am working on a mailout to send to my clients to recommend them to stay away from City Link. I am glad to have found this page - will certainly insert a link into the mailout.

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