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Terrible company & service.

I have recently become a new Talk Talk customer and I can honestly say it is the worst decision I have ever made.
My broadband speeds which are supposed to be super fast broadband (as I am paying extra for) is very very slow. My telephone line has for some reason gone down in volume so I can not hear anyone speak and that's if you are lucky enough to get a dialing tone & my superb YOU VIEW box has nothing more than a few basic free view channels on. I had more channels available on free view. The picture quality is terrible, the on demand does not work so basically I am paying for the privileged of fast forwarding & rewinding my TV when it decides to work!! I was completely miss sold my contract as my box should be record able, also I was informed I could purchase add on like sky sports for £5, surprise surprise when you look at the add ons start at £30!!!! There are plenty of channels that you cant watch as you need to pay & plenty of adult porn channels available. Great for my 11 year daughter!!!!
I called last night and spent 2 hours on phone getting past all around the world to different call centres. All I wanted to do was end my contract as I have been with them 3 days but was told there is no cooling off period. They apparently have 28 days to fix the problem and if they can't you are then allowed to cancel, so now I have to spend my Saturday waiting in for an engineer to come out (which is chargeable) So basically you as a consumer have no RIGHT to cancel!! Oh yes apparently you have the right to cancel before you "GO LIVE" as I kept hearing last night!! How can you see if you are happy with a service if it isn't live?? So basically the minute you go live you are stuck with this company!! The only way I can cancel is to pay....£505 cancellation fee. 3 days of rubbish service costs this amount!!! Please anyone who is even thinking of going with Talk Talk DON'T. I am now stuck in an 18 month contract for services that don't work,

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Leeds, United Kingdom