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Nite Watches

Be very careful about their warranty - crown detaching is not a manufacture defect ?

This was a great watch - I bought this watch for everyday use, something that didn't need tender loving care, though I work in an office, so its not actually getting heavy use. I tried to adjust the date (Feb Month end) while I was at work yesterday and the crown came away completely in my hand.....and the watch stopped working. This was a little but frustrating, but as the watch is 6 months old, I assumed it was under warranty and it would be easy to replace. However, this is not the case, Nite responded promptly and said that the watch warranty didn't cover the crown detaching. They did say they would look at it and advise of charges - but really, should there be charges for a 6 month old watch? The comment was ' however please understand that the crown detaching is not a manufacture defect therefore cannot be processed under the warranty cover.' If that's not due to manufacture and isn't a fault, I wonder what it was?

21 March 2014

Reply from Nite International Ltd

We would like to clarify that crown stems are fixed into quartz watch movements with spring clips and screws. The only way to remove the crown stem safely is by opening the watch case and releasing the retaining clips and screws in the correct manner. To pull the crown stem completely out when the retainers are place requires extreme force which will cause them to shear off inside the movement allowing the crown stem detach. This is the unfortunate situation with this particular watch which now requires a new movement. We would also like to make it clear that this is a very rare occurrence but can from time to time happen due to the delicate nature of the internal workings of quartz watches.


Good - very happy with my order - until i checked prices vs J Lewis......

At Dawsons:
Denby White Gourmet Bowl
In Stock - Our Price £12.38
RRP £16.50 Save - 25%
At John Lewis
The Same at 8.25 - with no 'saving'
Same for everything else I looked at.......
Dawsons were good, but so are John Lewis.....


I wonder why more companies cant be like this?

I've had the occasional problem with Waitrose, but they always rectify them with minimal fuss. Their staff always seem to be over trained, which is a positive surprise. Great company, great products and their delivery service is also superb.


Poor - They do not like poor reviews of their fee paying customers

The whole concept here is clever but very wrong.
They have a community persona, encouraging customers to be part of the 'Qype' experience - what they actually want is free reviews from customers, but this only works if those reviews are positive.
That's because the flip side of their business is to monetise those free reviews, by charging companies for their reviewers business.
This works for them and possibly some businesses, but not for the consumer.
I posted a negative review of 'The Albion Bath Company', whose service and products I found to be both shocking. The review was removed soon after being posted - after the Albion Bath Company complained falsely, that the products were outside warranty and the review was deleted, without informing me. I was able to prove they weren't and the review was reinstated, but had to be rewritten carefully several times - an attempt to put me off I felt.
To businesses who might read this, I avoid anyone displaying the Qype sign if possible.

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Reviews not to be trusted

I fell foul of a company that had many 5 star reviews (Pegasus Double Glazing in Kent). All were incredibly similar and I believe posted by the company themselves. The Review Centre were very good in corresponding with me, they kept my review posted, but they would not remove the company, even when several real customers turned up with accurate (bad) reviews. The company went under and appeared again under practically the same name - using the same tactic they started to post positive reviews again, before people posted about paying deposits and seeing no work..... the company have gone under again, taking their customers money with them. I believe the review centre are culpable for some of the pain this company has caused.
I used another company, who also had 5 stars, who clearly did not offer 5 star service or products..... when I posted negative reviews (which were allowed and posted), this did cause the company to come and rectify the situation - I was also paid compensation, but under condition the review was removed.... none of this was The Review Centres' fault - but perhaps a good reason to avoid their reviews, especially the 5 star ones. I'm tied to requiring this companies cooperation in maintaining, fixing etc the item they installed. They are not worthy of the 5 stars they display.
I'm afraid that the Review Centre is far too slow in removing companies and this has to be a commercial decision - which means the attract fraudulent companies who use the website to 'up' their positive reviews..... you therefore cant trust the web site.

28 March 2013

Reply from Reviewcentre

Hi David,
Thanks for leaving your review for Review Centre. You raise interesting points that are of concern to us, and should be of concern to all our readers. We would like to pass comment on what you have said and, if possible, get your help to make the site a better place for all our users.
We have many technical measures in place to keep undesirable reviews from the site. However, it would be naive to say that attempts are not regularly made to manipulate the site, and some of these will undoubtedly be successful. This is a problem for us but it is something that we are keenly aware of and take strong measures to counter. When we become aware of businesses that have tried to fool our readers in this way an investigation into all of their reviews is launched.

We have a large site to manage, and do an effective job of doing so. However, it is not possible for us to see everything that happens which is why we rely on, and encourage our community of users to get in touch with us and report things that they see on the site that do not stack up. We promise that any complaint received will be taken seriously and investigated. On this occasion we were conducting an investigation into the company and apologise if you feel the action was not swift enough. We will of course take this feedback on board, but it is a lengthy process and we need to be sure we are not removing genuine reviews from real customers.
As you mentioned we did allow your reviews to be posted as we do believe that all customers should be able to share their experience. We rely on those who have had both negative and positive experiences to share their feedback for companies and I am sure your contribution was a great help to many members.
If a matter can be resolved between a customer and a company we are always happy to keep the review on the website or simply update it, however if a conditional agreement is made with the company this is out of our control. No company can be perfect and we think it is good that they try to resolve the matter with their customers. Usually in this sort of situation, we would prefer the company to resolve the matter and then for the reviewer to include all details of the experience from the initial poor experience to the resolution offered by the company.

Please let us know the details of this other company you suspect is posting false reviews so we can conduct an investigation by contacting us at complaints (at) reviewcentre (dot) com.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Review Centre Team

Back in Action

Super fast and efficient and at the best price. Job done.

I liked the site design, ease of use and products offered. Its almost a shame its a specialist site, as it could show many of the larger 'generic' sites how its should be done. I didn't get to test out how they were if things went wrong, as nothing went wrong - but then you can't mark them down for that.

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