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Ordered some flowers to be sent to my partner at her work for Friday 20th December. Decided to choose the Christmas Kisses selection. Ordering was quite straight forward and with free delivery it seemed too good to be true... Well it was.... I decided to pay the extra £1.90 ish which stated 'guaranteed IMMEDIATE email when flowers delivered' as I thought well at least that way I'll know everyone has gone smoothly. Well about midday I got a txt from my partner to say she had received that... Yet no 'guaranteed' email which I paid the extra for! I emailed them... No reply. I then got my 'guaranteed immediate email' from them yesterday afternoon to which I then forwarded this onto them stating they should at least refund this charge to me. No reply. I went to visit my partner last night and asked to see the flowers and oh my god iv never felt so embarrassed in my life!! They look NOTHING like the flowers I ordered. Instead it's all green rubbish - I have no idea what it is apart from foliage I think it's called- I'm not a flower person. But yes they looked dreadful! Imagine my surprise when I then looked on here to see what the reviews were like and everyone is complaining about the same thing and that the company never reply to emails. Well I'm not gonna waste my time phoning the premium rate number as I can't be wasting anymore of my money when they aren't in any way helpful or apologetic and don't seem to care. I'm a team leader in a call centre myself and blimey if we treated our customers like that, we wouldn't have any and would have rubbish reviews like this!! Seeing as our reviews on trust pilot are 99.8 I think it speaks for itself. I florist need to get their act together or they won't have any customers left. You are a disgrace! And I can't believe you don't even get back to customers who email you! Disgusting service and I won't use them again. Stick to what you know for future people


Rubbish company

I tend to hardly use amazon as prefer the quicker easier service on eBay, etc. However I wanted a scholl express pedi so was shopping around for the cheapest price. Found the product for £19.99 - approx £10 cheaper than anywhere else. Bargain I thought so logged on the next day to buy the item and surprise surprise they had put it up by £10.00!!! Spoke to Amazon on customer support and they tried fobbing me off saying prices hadn't changed for the item since October (they checked their catalogue) apparently. So I went back saying they were lying as my colleague at work had actually bought the product 2-3 days earlier at the £19.99 price. Funnily enough when I offered to give the order details they didn't want to know. Just said the price is the price which I thought was an absolutely joke. I work as a team leader in customer services and if one of our customers complained about something like this we would honour the price for them! If we said 'the price is the price' I think we would lose a hell of a lot of business but then amazon are a company that are too big for their boots nowadays. Oh worse is to come.... 7-10 days later - the express pedi went on the Black Friday sale at 1.45pm for.. Yep u guessed it... £19.99! Funny the customer service guy didnt mention this at the time of my complaint. I've now decided they must've put it up to to then put it down again on Black Friday to make it seem like people are getting a bargain! Joke. End of.

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