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Always the first choice

I travel a lot, which means I fly at least 10 times a year. Ryanair has been the only service I've used for the past few years and I'll continue to use it. The staff is nice, the plane is clean and it's cheap. Usually I travel with hand luggage only and I've never had any problems - as long as you read the rules and stick to them, you'll be perfectly fine. I've seen everything while waiting in front of the gate - people who refuse to put their hand luggage into a box to check dimensions when the staff asks them too and then after they pay the fee, they do it and start yelling because they are not getting a refund, people with 3 suitcases instead of one, passengers with a very oversized bag and more. As somebody said: it's all your fault. It is stated clearly on the website what is allowed and what not. Ryanair is the best low fare airline out there, and also the cheapest one. They're almost always on time and cancelled flights are very, very, very rare. If you made a mistake, don't blame them.

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Still a positive experience

I never post reviews but I was reading these just before I left for London 3 weeks ago and I came there all paranoid. So I promised myself I'm going to write one this time.
My experience was as positive as 2 years ago, when I last used their service before this trip.
November 13: my bus at Stansted airport should be there are 5pm. It didn't show up until 5:20pm but I was in no hurry and the driver was really nice. There was only two of us that had 5pm ticket though. There was 8 of us on the bus.
November 18: the only negative thing - at 3am Easyjet sent me an e-mail saying they changed my departure time from 8:20am to 8:40am and that I need to print my ticket again. First of all, I was in foreign country, staying in a hostel. I wouldn't even see that mail if I didn't have some extra time in the morning and wifi. I didn't do anything because I couldn't. Just came to the station an hour early, because I feel safer that way. When 7:50am bus came I asked the driver if he had any space left and he kindly let me in. There was 5 of us on the bus.
So as I said, I didn't have any bad experiences all 6 times I used the service. Even when they changed my departure, I easily got to the airport and back. I've also never dealt with any rude drivers. Most of them brighten up my day. I'll continue to use this service and I'm sorry many others have had such a terrible experience.

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