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Why go anywhere else??

I've heard the advert on the radio in the past and my initial thought was, 'that won't be cheap', but how wrong I was!!
Having looked on the websites at various other tyre companies, yes they maybe a few quid cheaper, but when you weigh up the fact 'you' have to drive to get to them (petrol cost!) plus the fact the time spent on taking the car to them!!
As I work a lot from home, I have found this to be a 'no brainer' for me, as whilst my tyres are being done, I can continue with my work!
In fact, since I first used them, I have just put the order in for another 2 tyres to be fitted shortly, without the thought of having to be away from my work for ages, as well as the cost of the petrol getting there! I know some may prefer the idea of escaping work while they 'get their tyres done', but for me, Id' rather spend the time doing something constructive rather than twiddling my thumbs and coming back to the same mountain of work!

The only site I visit for coffee syrups!!

In the past I would surf to find the best prices/ranges etc, but not any longer! Some sites may seem a little cheaper, but the prices they quote don't always quote with the VAT on them.
The delivery was fantastic, no sooner had I placed the order, when I had an e-mail to state it was on its way and it was on the doorstep the following day and because they use the 'Predict' service, you know exactly what time it will be delivered or you can change the day/location if you need which is fantastic! Very well packed as well; no chance of the bottles getting broken!
All in all another fantastic experience for an order... and now enjoying the purchases!!

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