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I Love You

Oh yes they are just so good in every way.


wmasters.co.uk scam

This is the second time I had tried to buy an ipad from Wmasters.co.uk. The first time was a ridiculous scenario where they wormed themselves out of blaming a group buying site for not paying them.

I paid for the ipad from wmasters.co.uk on the 19/10/12.
I was told the product would be dispatched around 2/11/12.
I called and got no response and then emailed on 5/11/12 to ask when I should expect delivery, I received an email to say it would be around another 7-10 working days due to issues.
I called repeatedly and emailed on the 19/11/12 to get an update to see where the product was and received no response at all. The phone line would ring out and then go dead.
On the 20/11/12 I emailed all the addresses I could find relevant to wmasters.co.uk and all of them bounced back.

I then did some research into their business and from internet gleamed that all is not what it seems with a few articles of how they tried to scam some other group buying sites. http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/happli-co-uk-reliable-ipad-2-16gb-199-1289404?page=2
and references to their director whose name can change from Gerald Tawaih to Daryl to Gerald Taylor . They own another site called www.1234buy.co.uk which looks like a similar set up.
I tried again on 26/11/12 and again all the emails bounced back.

Following this I reported their conduct to my bank and asked them to pursue it.

Thanks to a letter sent out by my bank I the received an email on 29/11/12 that said " Due to an I.T Error and technical issues with our website we are unable to fulfill your order please note all customers are now being refunded."

They couldn't fulfill my order after they were pursued by my Bank yet the ipad I bought was still available and being sold on their website.
I asked them to respond to the concerns I raised above and told them i was going to write this review and guess what, yet again my email bounced back.
I assume they take peoples money don't deliver the product and them hope they wont be pursued.
If you don't like being scammed then don't use wmasters.co.uk

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Lying conning couriers from myhermes.co.uk

The self employed Courier from myhermes.co.uk has today put three cards in my letter box one dated 1/11, one dated 2/11 and one dated 3/11. These relate to the apparent three attempts she has made to deliver the delivery. We empty our letter box daily as i run a business from my house. She has clearly been once and put three cards through on the same day. Is she paid based upon the number of times she attempts a delivery? The third card says that the delivery is being returned to the supplier. This is not satisfactory. I am being conned, and the product supplier is being conned. I rang the courier to point out what she had done and she hung up on me. Probably thinks her commission is safe?

Avoid this company at all costs

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