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Better Holiday Safe than return home Sorry

Like most people excited about a trip to sunnier climes holiday insurance was not top of my priorities, who wants to thinks about such ‘ trivial ‘ things when it is far more fun, to pack sun cream, beachwear and of course assorted guide books and just tick the days off on the desk calendar? However I was persuaded, gently, by she who must be obeyed and ventured somewhat nervously online with her voice ringing in my ears, ‘Make sure its affordable!’, ‘ Make sure it covers EVERYTHING!’ and ‘Don’t rush it just so you can go back to watching that video!’ Well I knew I had to get good cover, not sure about peace on earth but peace on the beach had to be guaranteed.
I started by looking on Google for award winning travel insurance and got a shortlist of 3. As luck would have it the company I tried first failed as their website wouldn’t load. Having no patience I tried the next on my shortlist – HolidaySafe. What a relief, the website was quick and easy to navigate, the process was simple, even for me, and I had a quote that covered everything I needed within a couple of minutes. It was in fact such a pleasant experience that I was back with my headphones on and watching the video rather too quickly for my other and better half. She couldn’t believe that the cover was that comprehensive; I showed her the concise details provided in the almost immediate email but she still thought I must have missed something, somewhere. I pointed out that there was a cheap rate telephone number on the website. She phoned immediately, and was very impressed when the lady on the phone found my quote instantaneously and then confirmed that yes, I had done everything correctly. In fact she was so impressed by the courteous and professional staff and by the fact that I hadn’t messed up that not only did she pay for the policy on her debit card, she was almost lost for words; almost!
So thank you HolidaySafe for not only providing a superb product and service but for also making me look far brighter than I actually am.
I will be back

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