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Laura Trashley products ! Do not rate one star even!

We purchased two settees and a footstool , paid by new Laura Ashley credit card , money up front whilst they made the suite and footstool. Had to take delivery when ready albeit house not ready to move in as they would charge us. So they were in original wrapping and stored for two months and then unwrapped them and moved them into the new home. After one month we noticed them have an ingrained stain appearing as if spilt liquid over them, then we complained and spoke to their customer dis services dept. fobbed us off and then after many calls and trying to speak to someone higher up the company in charge which we got declined to speak to we ended up with Nikki Fox. Eventually we received a call from the third party company who came , we thought to investigate our complaint but the inspector came with some filling for the cushions and he said that they were under filled. The filling was not the same fill we experienced in the shop ie they bounced back up. He was not there to look at the fabric, we insisted that he did. Well we sent him off with his pathetic filling and complained again to the SS sorry CS dept! Eventually we got another visit ....same guy and same filling and this time he took some photos .. Well you try and get a good close up photo of fabric !! Nikki Fox emailed and said there was nothing wrong with fabric and we will only fill your cushions. Not satisfied we contacted Trading Standards and Citizens Advice . Informed us to write to LT sorry LA and then told about the furniture ombudsman who I thought would be independent . No they contacted LA and took their assessor's opinion and not received an independent company's second opinion. Likewise we complained to the credit card company who after a while just took the opinion of the ombudsman!! Crazy and unjust! So we are still fighting the case after a year and tried to find the owner of LA and by chance found " trustpilot" albeit after the horse had bolted and read all the other complaints. Oh and guardsman treatment guarantee which we paid extra for eventually came out and said not covered by us it's the fabric! Also it has to be dry cleaned on site but if you do that then the fire resistance is lowered and may be a fire risk!! Says on label ! So where do we go from here ? Can anyone tell me?
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