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Love the product and concept but why are airports discounting new models?

Bought a new model for £135 for the missus for Xmas and it arrived just in time - phew ! However on the 20th I flew from Aberdeen to London only to find it at £115 at the airport. Why on earth discount new models in one store leaving others uncompetitive ?
Surely older or discontinued lines are better for bargain attractions?

Heat Outdoors

A British company run by British people to British Standards of Excellence

We do a lot of business with Heat Outdoors and inevitably there are times when things don't go according to plan. It is during these odd occasions that Heat-Outdoors exemplary customer service kicks in. The staff give a brilliant backup service and are friendly to boot. We are proud to count them as partners and friends in business and they are an example of how British Companies should treat customers !

Keep up the good work Ladies and Kev

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UK Designer and Manufacturer of Infrared Heaters and unique Home and Garden products