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City Link

Dishonest company!

I ordered an expensive item via Amazon for my 50th birthday. It was supposed to arrive today when I was off work. I have to admit my heart sank when I saw the courier was City Link but hey the parcel only has to travel 20 miles what can go wrong????

At 11:45 they alledgedly attempted delivery and left a card. They would have had to walk past me working in the garage with the door open to leave a card and if they had knocked at the door a) the dog would've barked or b) it would've been answered. No card. They'll bring it on Monday instead they said on the tracking.

Rang them and was on hold for 20 minutes at premium rate. No answer - cowards!

Rang Amazon who weren't able to tell me whether the courier would be able to carry it inside for elderly relative on Monday. Great just great!

Checking tracking again later on I see that the parcel is now marked as 'delivered'. At 2pm. Oh really? Cue frantic run around outside looking for huge box weighing 26kg. Nothing!

Panic! Where is it then? I haven't got it. Signature says DELD. Huh? That's not my name? None of the neighbours are called that either.

Called Amazon again. They will chase it with City Link. But I have to wait up to 48 hours for a reply. So no birthday present and more than 48 hours of worry as they don't work on Sundays. Great!

Still fuming. Still unhappy that City Link lied about the attempted delivery, lied about the card and lied about the item being delivered. Why? Probably to make their delivery statistics look ok because we all have targets don't we!!!

Contacted Amazon again tonight to cancel the order. I no longer want my item from them if City Link is the courier they choose to trust with items worth nearly £1000.

City Link have now decided that they have the item after all. The tracking claims that they were going to deliver it today (Monday) Luckily for me Amazon has been really on the ball and has stopped them sending it.

Last time I order anything large/expensive from Amazon if City Link is their preferred courier.

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