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Great value, but service not exactly polished

We like our new sofa bed. It is excellent value and good quality. Only two things stopped this being a 5-star review:

1. Finding the workshop in Uxbridge is really difficult. The post-apocalypse industrial estate the Nabru workshop is in is absolutely awful to navigate (and not helped by a big Nabu sign hung on the side of a building nowhere near the actual workshop!); and

2. The customer service when you are there is poor. There were two members of staff when we were there - a lady who just ignored all customers (it was Olympic levels of ignoring, almost impressive) and a youngish guy who wasn't rude, but who clearly saw serving customers (forget greeting customers!) as an unwelcome distraction from his "real" work. When we decided to buy we were pointed towards a PC - yep, in their showroom, we were still expected to order online as if sitting at home - wow, we felt welcome!

The service wasn't unfriendly (even Olympic ignorer wasn't trying to snub us, it just wasn't her job to help make sales/make customers feel welcome/answer questions..so she didn't), but it was that unprofessional, amauterish, not-thought-thru type of service which is usually okay if done with charm, friendliness and enthusiasm, but which is just flat and depressing otherwise - this was an otherwise situation. That all said, the product is good, except for the choice of two (yep, just two, count 'em) types of feet - both hideous, blocky and "industrial".
Finally, pay for someone to put it together - the guy was quick and friendly.

10 December 2013

Reply from Nabru Limited

Hi James

Thank you for taking the time to review Nabru. We are pleased to hear that you are happy with the sofa you purchased and the service you were given on delivery, in relation to your concerns regarding the service you received in the showroom we have the following comments:

1)Finding the showroom – we are sorry to hear that you struggled to locate us, we do have a number of units on the estate and we accept your criticism that it wasn’t easy to find the showroom, in response to your comments we have acquired a “Nabru Shop” sign which we will place on the path in front of the shop (the shop has a large sign on the front too) in future which should help to make finding the shop easier.

2)Showroom staff – every customer is important to us so it’s hugely disappointing for us to hear that you were underwhelmed by the level of service that was provided by our customer service staff. Our staff do have clear instructions to greet and assist every customer that comes into our showroom and your comments provide a timely reminder to us of just how important that is. Whilst it is not an acceptable excuse we would also like to point out that this is a very busy time of year for us and sometimes we can get distracted by calls and or emails, clearly that is not something that should be happening.

3)Ordering on the PC – we place all of our orders through our website, this is because all of our quote engines are built into the site, clearly our customer services staff should have assisted you to process the order on the PC.

We can ensure that our customer services staff have been made aware of your feedback.

Many Thanks, Team Nabru

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