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A helpful first port of call but.........

I was after a repeater lens for my Fiat Seicento and had a couple of responses. I asked the cheaper of the offers a specific question to ensure we were discussing the precise item I wanted - I think I asked if what they were offering was the small orange conical-shaped plastic which should fit over the bulb in front of the passenger-side door. The response was: "That's it!" So I went ahead with the purchase. However, the item which arrived - although I think is probably along those lines - was not conical-shaped and seems to be the whole unit rather than just the plastic covering for the indicator bulb. As I've only recently moved in the area, I have now got to find someone who can tell me if the item sent is usable and, if so, do something about it. If it's OK from that point of view, it still won't match the other side. So, although I MAY just have got roughly what I hoped for, it's not ideal and is causing me more problems.........

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