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I agree with almost every other reviewer here

Stay away.
I ordered a lamp in May, the delivery was first in September, then October, then December, and then I decided not to wait any longer but buy from someone who could give the necessary service. So I cancelled my order and asked for a refund.

More than 30 business days have passed. Have I received my refund? No. And why does it require 30 days to make a refund anyway? I work with finance myself and don't see the problem in doing it much faster. It seems like just another way to tire us out so we give up. My impression from my own experience and other reviews here is that this is planned.

Never again, and I will do my best to spread my experience to warn people. Luckily I didn't spend more than I could afford to loose. There are companies out there of the same kind that offer a much better service, the lamp I ordered from someone else arrived promptly and without problems.

Update January 1st 2014: Still no refund. The only thing that still surprises me is that the company keeps repeating that they are not trying to scam the customers. I refuse to believe that a simple refund can take this long, if they are really trying to make it.

Update January 29th: Does anyone think I received my money? Of course not, just another phone call assuring me that I will receive them and that they are not a scam. Do they think that a lie becomes true if it's repeated often enough?

Update March 8th. Still no refund. Just confirms to me that this is a planned scam.

11 December 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Hello Hege,

Thank you for your message,

We have a set refund guideline policy with respect to refunds and Customers are given a give a refund due date once a cancellation and refund request has been received.

Whilst we admit in your case the refund has now exceeded the expected time frame, for which we apologize, we have, however sent an urgent request to Finance to deal with the matter and we will come back and inform you as soon as the appropriate action has been taken.

Although you decided not to wait for the lamp, you will receive your refund.

Kind regards
Valerie - Customer relations Adviser.

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