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Great social media network and one of the most popular

I often use Facebook, its a great way to let people know what your doing, organise events and meet new people. There are afew bugs on the website and features which you cant get around or turn off. Also the fact that when they add a new feature you automatically get the emails sent to you anc have to turn them off in your account settings is irritating. There are alos problems and bugs with the facebook iphone app, but the bugs are reported to facebook via the app store


Great coverage and customer service

Ive used orange since i had my first mobile phone and have had no problems with there customer service. Ive read reviews and understand there 3G network speeds arnt the greatest of all phone providers but personally i dont use the 3G on my smartphone as it increases my battery life and signal strength. I have had problems with the network in my local area from time to time and when calling orange is can often be hard to find your way though the automated (Press 1 for....) system to get through to a human being. Although even if you eventually talk to someone who deals with warrenty claims, when you have a different issue they can often help or put you through to someone who can.


Great prices, cheapest on the net

When looking for replacement Heat bulbs or Floresent UV Compact bulbs i always buy from here. The local pet shops charge around £10 for one Exo terra Heat bulb (red) where there only £5.49 on this site. When i order from here i order in bulk as me and my girlfriend have reptiles and its always best to keep some stock of these bulbs as your reptile relys on the heat. Would recommend this company for your reptile bulb needs.


Often use for live reptile food

I'm giving this 3 stars based on the southend airport branch.
Its a nice large store with plenty of animals/food and accessories.
The only downside is there reptile section, personally when im looking for accessories for my chameleons vivarium I use a reptile specific shop but I have used this petshop for live food (locusts, crickets, worms) when I've run out as its local. I think it could benefit from having more live food in stock as well as more accessories, Heat lamps, Heat mats, Humidity and temp gauges etc. Also there only ever seems to be one staff member upstairs in the aquarium/reptile area and there always busy with someone talking about fish. Would be nice to see afew more people walking around available to talk to.


Love this website, bookmarked and visited everyday

This is possibly the best weather website ive come across. It has loads of information and the weather station list shows all weather stations on your area with "rapid fire" updates so you can see the exact temp/humidity/wind speed at the current time. Also the data is viewable on graphs to compare the increases/decreases throughout the day and you can fiew history on the graphs too. I would recommend bookmarking this and using is as your main weather site.


Blindingly fast delivery and great prices

Ive purchased from this company afew times now and the price of the games, even new releases! has been great. You have the ability to preorder any upcoming games and also you can order an item via text message (havent tried, but sounds cool) There automated despatching machine is pretty high tech. When looking for a new game this is the first place i look. Would definatly recommend to anyone


Franchise company but customer service is good

Ive dealt with xdp afew times and there customer service has been great. The only downside is that there a franchise and use different couriers in different areas. This can cause problems as some local depots can be abit dodgy, not post calling cards, or just lie about weither someone was in or not. Also there tracking system doesnt communicate with there tracking system in scotland so if somethings being sent from south to north the only way to get an acurate update on the location is to call.


Brilliant place for computer parts

Ive used ebuyer as my first port of call when it comes to getting computer parts for years! They always have a wide range or items and navigating the catagories is easy. The filter system is easy to use and works very well. They always have a great selection of offers and having the Ebuyer deals through emails highlights these. I havent had any experiances where ive had to call them for any reason so i cant rate there customer service but the website and the speed things are posted is great.

07 July 2011

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your positive comments.

We are glad to hear you are impressed with our website and find it easy to use.

Should you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team who are always happy to help.

Kind Regards

Ebuyer UK LTD


A great online marketplace

When looking for something weither it be a case for my phone, a cable for my laptop or a thermostat for my viverium i always check amazon first.
Because its a market place theres always a chance you will find what you want and often at great prices. Extreamly easy to use and purchasing items is easy. Im also a prime member and the next working day delivery is brilliant, i would recommend it if you purchase alot of things. Recommended products is also another great feature.


Brilliant company

Ive purchased plenty of items from this company over the past few years. I prefer to phone them when it comes to ordering as they are very helpful and always suggest whats best for the purpose. They have plenty of parts in stock and there website is very easy to navigate. If your looking for parts for your mini then this is the place to go. They have a great CNC machine and the 4pot alloy brakes are superb!! The quality is brilliant.

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I often do my shopping online, its easy and you can often find things alot cheaper. I try to phone companies when i order as you get a good taste of there customer service and also get recommendations and advice. I think reviewing the websites we use the most is a great way to thank them for there helpfulness and providing the companies have connected you often get a reply from the company.